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In today’s news, Russia continues supporting World Food Programme in Tajikistan, United States government awards grants to combat human trafficking, mining is banned in Zimbabwe’s national parks to conserve habitats, Swedish manufacturer launches electric hydrofoil, California provides employment opportunities to inmate firefighters, Japanese company introduces food additive to enhance meat analogue structure, and new study shows the effectiveness of nature conservation.

Tajik students benefit from Russia’s kindness.

With financial support from the Russian Federation, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Tajikistan began supplying nourishment to young learners in 2013. Over the years, Russia has contributed approximately US$80 million for the purchase of food commodities, the renovation of school canteens, promoting healthy diets and training school staff. In September 2020, WFP was able to buy more than 2,700 metric tons of wheat flour – enough to supply the national school feeding project for four months. Alberto Correia Mendes, WFP Tajikistan representative and country director, remarked, “We are extremely grateful for Russia’s considerable and consistent support, which has proven crucial in assisting schoolchildren.” Russia is a Shining World Leadership Award for Wildlife-Protection and a Shining World Generosity Leadership Award laureate. We salute you – Russia and the World Food Programme – for your selfless assistance to pupils experiencing food insecurity. In the overflowing love of Allah, may all youngsters be blessed with encouraging lives and joyful hearts.

Justice Department distributes funds to enforce trafficking laws and assist victims.

In January 2020, His Excellency Donald Trump, President of the United States, signed an executive order that directs resources toward prosecuting perpetrators of human trafficking, assisting those who have suffered and expanding prevention programs. Since then, the administration has awarded more than US$100 million through the Department of Justice to state, local and Native American jurisdictions. The funding prioritizes bringing traffickers to justice and improving the lives of survivors by providing safe and stable housing as well as training and educational opportunities. President Trump, a Shining World Peace Leader Award laureate and a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate, has signed nine pieces of legislation and taken many other important steps to tackle this abhorrent human rights issue. God bless you, President Trump! Your commitment to protecting the most vulnerable has surely been noted with gratitude by Heaven.

Up next, mining is banned in Zimbabwe’s national parks to conserve habitats. We’ll take a moment to thank the surgical technologists, who assist members of the health care team in the operating room, making sure everything is sterile and organized. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more favorable news.

Hallo, cheerful friends! I’m Teddy the vegan Lamb. What would you say if I told you I’m cute and adorable? “Of course you are, Teddy!” What will your reaction be when I say that being on a vegan diet fills my heart with love? “Ooh, I want to feel that too!” All right, then, what are you waiting for? Join the vegan trend! Here’s a tip for growing houseplants that water themselves. Start with a plastic bottle – 2.5 liters would be good. Cut the bottle in half and make a hole in the bottle’s cap. Prepare about 25 centimeters of cotton or polyester cord and insert 10 centimeters of it through the hole. Fill the bottom half of the bottle with water and use it as a base. Turn the top half of the bottle upside down and set it inside the bottom. Put in a layer of pebbles and then fill with potting soil. You can now insert a seedling and give it an initial watering. Later on, your plant will water itself for up to five days via capillary action through the cord! Thank you for your attention. And love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the global weather.

Zimbabwe bans mining to protect wildlife.

In 2015, the government granted rights for mining within the country’s national parks. A variety of firms were allowed to explore for coal. Concerned environmentalists recently mounted a campaign to enlighten the administration’s point of view and have the contracts cancelled. Fortunately, with the help of citizens who voiced their support for the animals on social media, this was finally achieved in 2020. This means that Hwange, Zimbabwe’s largest nature reserve, and ten other protected areas are returning to their original, unspoiled condition. The elephant, buffalo, sable, roan, giraffe, wildebeest, impala and gemsbok are all enjoying more secure and peaceful lives now. We applaud your considerate and sustainable decision, Zimbabwe! May your precious indigenous species be preserved for generations to come, in nurturing Celestial light.

Innovative design and materials reduce watercraft’s drag and energy consumption.

An international team of engineers at Candela Speed Boat in Sweden has created a 100% electric boat with a range of almost 93 kilometers on a fully charged battery. This makes the carbon fiber craft useful for day trips, commuting across lakes and waterskiing. The Candela Seven is equipped with retractable hydrofoils that lift the boat above the water for less turbulence and greater efficiency. An on-board computer automatically adjusts foil positions to diminish rolling and seasickness. In summer 2020, the craft’s creators brought it to Lake Lucerne in Switzerland as the first stop of a promotional tour across Europe. The company’s ultimate goal is to minimize emissions of air pollutants from maritime transport. Well done, Candela Speed Boat! May your products enhance the quality of life on Earth, in Heaven’s blessings.

Prisoners who fight wildfires may apply earlier to have their records cleared.

The United States state of California has employed inmate firefighters for over 75 years. Through the Conservation Camp Program, incarcerated men with low-level risk status may enroll in fire training academies in several counties. Despite their willingness to put themselves in harm’s way and provide needed community service, it has been challenging for many of these people to find permanent employment after completing their jail sentences. To rectify this situation, the Honorable Gavin Newsom, governor of California and a Shining World Leadership Award for Loving Care laureate, has signed a bill that will give inmate firefighters a chance to have their records expunged upon release from custody so they can apply for jobs that require a state license. Our sincere appreciation, Governor Newsom and state legislators, for offering deserving individuals a pathway to employment. In God’s benevolence, may all citizens be assured of both justice and consideration from their governments.

Coming up, Japanese company introduces food additive to enhance meat analogues. We will take a moment to step outside and smell the refreshing morning air that holds the promise of a great day ahead. More enlightening news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Admirable News for a Respectful World.

New binding agent improves structure of alternative meats.

Japan’s biggest chemical company, Shin-Etsu Chemical, has developed a unique additive for plant-based foodstuffs. The ingredient is called Metolose domestically, whereas in Germany it is being produced for Western distribution as Tylopur. The white powder forms a gel when heated, improving the appearance and texture of products like vegan hamburgers, and it can also be used to replace egg whites in recipes. Derived from cellulose – which is what gives strength to the cell walls of plants – the substance is available in several grades for different applications. Shin-Etsu Chemical’s move is calculated to improve its image with investors who have concerns about the environmental impact of their choices. Congratulations, Shin-Etsu Chemical, on your promising innovation. May your contribution to the food industry help more people to embrace a cruelty-free lifestyle, in Celestial celebration.

Researchers estimate the number of species rescued from extinction.

A study led by Newcastle University and BirdLife International in the UK was published in the journal Conservation Letters. A multinational team of scientists found that at least 28 and possibly as many as 48 bird and mammal species benefited from steps taken after the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity was ratified by member states in 1993. The most effective conservation actions included habitat protection, reintroduction projects and formal legislation. Animals that were saved include Przewalski’s horse, the Puerto Rican amazon, the Iberian lynx and the black stilt. Our hearts are gladdened, international scientists, by your auspicious report. In the grace of the Divine, may every nation on Earth enact vegan laws that will elevate the status and safety of all animals.

When you are happy, people around you also feel it. So here is a joke to cheer up your day – it’s called, “Rookie Police Officer.”

A recent graduate from the police academy was dispatched to investigate a robbery – the first case of his career. The rookie called his precinct from the scene of the crime: “Captain, there was a robbery here at the mall and I've got one of them.”

“Good job! Who do you have?”

“Uh, I have the lady that was robbed.”

And now we have a heartline from Kim Ngân in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam:

Dear Master and the Supreme Master Television team, Just like all other people, my heart melts as I think of humble, noble and compassionate Tim Qo Tu. Wishing to save all beings, You didn’t mind about Your worth and urgently called on all the religious leaders to tell their followers to be vegan to save the Earth. You foresee that if humans do not change to a vegan diet, then the Earth could be destroyed by the wrath of nature (hail, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, etc.). Currently, humans are threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic. With extreme pain, You wore the mourning band on Your forehead to call on the country leaders in the world to make a Vegan Law to save the Earth because it's very urgent now. Through Supreme Master Television, Your action touched the hearts of so many country leaders. Currently, the change to a vegan diet by humanity is not as fast as the evolution of the Universe. You granted humans an opportunity to meditate with You to pray for World Vegan. I am sure that with Your blessings, humanity will switch to a vegan diet more quickly. I respectfully wish Master and the Supreme Master Television team abundant health to lead humanity to higher consciousness and establish a vegan world in the near future. Kim Ngân from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Insightful Kim Ngân, Thank you for sharing with us your perceptive thoughts and love for Supreme Master Ching Hai. We, too, are grateful for Supreme Master Television as it is a platform through which our Merciful Master can reach more people with Her Wisdom. Never have we been so blessed, and we pray with you for all people to realize the gift of vegan living. May the Heavens bless you and your glorious country, Âu Lạc (Vietnam), Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master also has some words for you: “Sweet Kim Ngân, you are correct that immediate action is needed by all to save our planet starting with the plant-based diet. Ask those you know to pray for World Vegan for humanity’s consciousness to be elevated. May Buddha’s abundant grace be upon you and pleasant Âu Lạc (Vietnam).”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May Divine benediction illuminate your heart.

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