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In today’s news, Germany assists pandemic response for Bangladeshi refugee camp, scientists calculate universe’s total amount of matter, UK adopts higher fee for single-use plastic bags, computer mimicking human brain built in China, United States electrician brings community together for elderly lady's house repairs, Dutch food tech company receives major funding for cell-based meat development, and team of Kenyan women protect wildlife from poachers.

Germany, a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion and a Shining World Caring Leadership Award laureate, supports vital health services in Bangladesh.

The German government has contributed €2 million to the International Organization for Migration’s COVID-19 response in Bangladesh to enhance healthcare for Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar camp and vulnerable members of the host communities. The funds will be used to establish three isolation and treatment facilities and adapt 100 shelters to quarantine less serious cases. Training and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be given to community health workers and the Cash-for-Work program in settlements will be supported. The Bangladeshi government will also enhance management of ill travelers at Cox’s Bazar airport and supply points-of-entry staff with necessary PPE and sanitation materials. Our sincere appreciation, Germany, Bangladesh and the International Organization for Migration, for this endeavor. In Allah’s eternal grace, may the Rohingya always be protected and soon see brighter days ahead.

Researchers measure universe’s amount of matter and energy.

A team led by scientists from the University of California, Riverside (UCR), United States, has determined that the total known matter makes up only 31% of the universe while 69% is comprised of dark energy. Very little is known about the latter, but its effects on galaxies can be observed. Of known matter, 80% is dark, a substance that scientists also do not understand well. The team observed the orbits of galaxies within clusters and then calculated the mass of each galaxy cluster. Its findings have been published in the Astrophysical Journal. Thank you, all researchers involved, for helping to determine the exact amount of matter within the universe. May your work soon lead humanity closer to fully comprehending the nature of dark matter and energy as we peer into God’s magnificent creation.

Up next, Britain adopts higher fee for single-use plastic bags. Let’s now spend some time to thank creative silversmiths who craft exquisite items and beautiful jewelry to enrich our world. We’ll return with more leading news after this message here on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, brilliant viewers, I’m Lisa the vegan Little Penguin! People are head over heels in love with me because I’m vegan. Today, I would like to share with you a shopping tip on choosing walking shoes. Comfort and fit are the main criteria. A shoe with a porous upper and absorbent lining can help keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable while walking, which are essential to prevent rashes and infections. A toe box spacious enough to wiggle your toes when standing will help avoid calluses. In addition, walking shoes should also be quite lightweight and have good shock absorption. It is best to buy shoes after you have been walking for a while, or later in the day when your feet are at their biggest. Wear socks and try on shoes while standing because your feet will enlarge under your body’s weight. Moreover, it is best to try on both the left and right shoe because the size and shape of each foot may be slightly different. Thank you for watching, and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Here’s the weather around the world!

British government doubles plastic bag charge.

The United Kingdom’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has announced a fee increase for single-use plastic bag purchases in England’s shops from 5 to 10 pence starting April 2021. Since the levy’s introduction in 2015, there has been a 95% decline in plastic bag sales in large supermarkets and this ruling seeks to reduce consumption further. The government will also require smaller retailers, previously exempt from the law, to charge for plastic bags. The environmental organization Greenpeace UK is encouraging the government to additionally raise costs for single-use plastic packaging manufacturers to lessen production. The United Kingdom is a Shining World Wise Leadership Award and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Animal Protection and Kindness laureate. Way to go, United Kingdom, on your great success in decreasing plastic bag utilization, and new measure to further protect the environment! May your diligent efforts continue as you advance your goal of a carbon-neutral economy and help lead the world into a greener future.

Chinese computer engineers develop brain-like computer.

Dr. Pan Gang and team from China’s Zhejiang University have created the first-ever computer of its type in the country that has more than 120 million artificial neurons, similar to the number of neurons in a mouse’s brain. The device contains almost 100 billion synapses, uses an operating system called Darwin OS and runs on just 350 to 500 watts. Applications it has performed include facilitating the cooperation between several robots in a flood rescue simulation, enabling people to type with their minds by decoding their brain’s electrical signals, modeling the human brain for research purposes, and much more. Kudos, Dr. Pan Gang and team, for your dedication to improving the world through science. May your computer brain help us move forward into a new era of compassionate technology, where we help to heal and rejuvenate the planet, in Heavenly light.

Electrician starts campaign to renovate senior’s home.

John Kinney, a Woburn, Massachusetts, USA electrician went to 72-years-young Gloria Scott’s house to fix an electrical issue. Ms. Scott has been living alone for 10 years in a crumbling residence that needed substantial repairs. Mr. Kinney started doing the restoration work for free and also asked for the community’s help through social media. Since then, many people have come to assist and over US$110,000 has been donated for the project. The domicile is being renovated inside and out. The “Gloria’s Gladiators” Facebook page, an online community started by John to help Ms. Scott, now has nearly 16,000 members, and he hopes it becomes a movement to help elders in need across the nation. Our applause, John Kinney and Woburn residents, for your exceptional gestures of love and care! May Gloria enjoy many more years ahead, of comfortable living in her home, in Divine goodness.

Coming up, Dutch food tech company receives major funding to develop cell-based meat. We are going to pause for a moment to ponder the important things in life that give us purpose. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more exceptional news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Elevated News for an Uplifting World.

Lab-grown meat moves closer to market.

Dutch company Mosa Meat has secured US$55 million in funding led by Luxembourg-based venture capital fund Blue Horizon Ventures. The investment will help the company advance toward a market-ready product by scaling up its facility in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and obtaining needed licenses in Europe. Mosa Meat creates actual meat that is cultivated in a lab, thus saving resources and precious lives. The firm’s Head of Operations Sarah Lucas explained, “We aim to pioneer a cleaner, kinder way of making real beef, and ultimately reshape the global food system.” Congratulations, and all the best, Mosa Meat and Blue Horizon Ventures. Your collaboration represents a grace-filled future through kindness to our Earth and her inhabitants, animal and human.

Team of Kenyan women saves wildlife from hunters and poachers.

An anti-poaching group consisting of eight Maasai women rangers are devoted to safeguarding elephants, giraffes and other animals in 1,500 square kilometers of land adjacent to Amboseli National Park in southern Kenya. Named “Team Lioness,” the group was formed in early 2019 by global conservation charity the International Fund for Animal Welfare, a Shining World Compassion Award recipient. As the first women rangers in the area, they do the same job as men while also encouraging villagers to shield animals. A Team Lioness ranger said, “We proved to the community that what a man can do, a woman can do better.” What incredible news! Our gratitude, Team Lioness and International Fund for Animal Welfare, for your valiant efforts in defending our precious co-inhabitants. May your care for wildlife inspire people to embrace their compassionate nature, in Heaven’s abundant love.

Take a walk on the funny side of life with the original joke from our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai called “A New Mirror.”

“Grandma, what do you wish for your birthday?”

“A new mirror, which was produced around 50 years ago.”

“But why? Such a mirror will be hard to find.”

“I know, they would have been all sold out even before they are delivered to the shops!”

“But what’s so special about those mirrors?”

“Because they have a super quality that lasts for a long time. I once had such a mirror, it always showed my image so clearly, with smooth and youthful skin, for many years. The new one they brought for me recently is not good. It shows immediately my face with spots and wrinkles all over!”

And now we have a heartline from Zhi-Sheng in China:

Hallo, Supreme Master and Supreme Master Television team! I am a veteran and also a Buddhist. I have read many books written by ancient sages and Buddhist scriptures. But after watching Supreme Master Television, I feel so happy. I now understand many truths, especially those about karma and reincarnation. Every time I see homeless animals and animals being killed, I feel so sorry and want to help them and give them a warm home. I firmly believe that as long as we are sincere, Buddha will know, and I have started the first step towards my dream. I established a rescue shelter in 2016. I am deeply grateful to the compassionate people, volunteers, animal protectors and Buddhists. With their help, we have saved many animals, and most of them were saved just before being killed, including dogs, cats, horses, cows, lambs, foxes, rabbits, chickens, geese, pigeons, and the homeless or abandoned animals. They are all taking refuge in the rescue shelter to enjoy the natural span of their lives. Here, through Supreme Master Television, we hope to let more people understand that it is everyone’s responsibility to care, protect and help the animals. Let there be no more killing in this world; let all beings on this planet live in peace, and let a vegan world be realized as soon as possible. Zhi-Sheng from China

Brave Zhi-Sheng, We enjoyed reading your heartline and are glad to hear that you find spiritual insights through watching Supreme Master Television. Your dedication to saving the animals and creating a safe haven for them is truly admirable; hats off to you for your noble work. We pray that your good actions will bring forth more positivity to your life and those around you. It is hoped the world soon realizes all beings are of the same essence, that we all have Buddha nature within and all came from God. As Hiers children, we should be a loving example by caring for one another. Perhaps world peace will be here earlier than expected and stay forever. May the Buddha’s upliftment be upon strong China and pave your path with ever-increasing serenity as you continue to help others, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master also says: “Thoughtful Zhi-Sheng, it is a joy to know of your organization’s life-saving work. The animals deserve our tremendous compassion and respect, and your shelter is helping spread that sentiment in China. May you, all involved, the animal residents and optimistic China be immensely blessed, in Celestial unconditional Love.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May your soul sing in blissful oneness with Heaven.

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