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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 114 - The Great Saint in the Chinese Prophecies

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“Lesson 13: All virtuous and talented people will be recruited to serve in the government. All beings in the world will be one family.

In our last episode, we began exploring divinations about the Great Saint, as written 1,800 years ago by the celebrated Chinese icon Zhuge Liang, courtesy name Kong Ming, in his book “Divination Lessons in Front of Horses.” We also briefly recalled that Zhuge Liang was a past incarnation of one of Master’s most devoted and accomplished disciples, the beloved Saint Thái Tú Hòa. As a political adviser during China’s Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang has since been admired till today for his wisdom, ingenuity and brilliant strategies. He also excelled in developing methods of divination. Now, let’s read Zhuge Liang’s Lesson 13 from “Divination Lessons in Front of Horses,” which describes the Golden Age brought about by the Great Saint.  

“Lesson 13: All virtuous and talented people will be recruited to serve in the government. All beings in the world will be one family.

Similar as in “Tui Bei Tu,” Zhuge Liang had foreseen and likened Supreme Master Ching Hai to a leader, and virtuous, talented people will be recruited to work together in an ideal and good “government” under Her leadership, such as our worldwide Supreme Master TV team and our Association members, working in our lamp, clothes, jewelry, vegan food companies, vegan restaurants, etc… Through the teaching and Love of the Supreme Master Ching Hai, we see that the prophecy “All beings in the world will be one family” gradually becomes a reality by Her dedicated endeavors. 

“Practice neither for name nor for virtue, but to glorify and shine light upon China.

The prophecy then says that people will practice the Tao, not to gain fame or even virtue, but out of the purity of their hearts. Then, the Chinese people and perhaps also the world by extension, will be enlightened and glorified. Supreme Master Ching Hai has been imparting the greatest Tao, or Way of spiritual practice, for humans to find their own Divine nature. It is the teaching of the Quan Yin Method of meditation, which also includes the compassionate vegan diet. In line with the prophecy, Master emphasizes these core principles among others and only allows those with pure and unconditional motivation (seeking to know God rather than have fame or fortune) to be initiated into this sacred Way. Supreme Master Ching Hai’s teachings formally began in Taiwan, also known as Formosa and officially as the Republic of China. (“Tui Bei Tu” also said, “There is a Saint in China today.”) Thus, by the Divine Light She has been spreading, Chinese civilization is glorified as a birthplace of the Tao as a birthplace of the Tao for the Golden Age. This could be what the last verse means, that glory and light would shine upon China.

We have witnessed or and heard from the Heavenly visions of our fellow initiates who streamed into Taiwan time and again for their spiritual “pilgrimage,” for the reunion with our Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai, and together with countless Celestial Beings, light up and glorify Taiwan, not just on Earth, but also in Heavens! “On the day of initiation, I saw Heavenly Godses descending, beating drums and blowing instruments to congratulate new initiates. The whole ashram was filled with beautiful and radiant transcendental bodies of Master in different forms, which sometimes transformed into many figures of Shakyamuni Buddha.” “On the second day, it was Father’s Day. Master played the mandala. (It’s a mandolin.) Yes, yes. The whole sky was filled with Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, devas, devis, and heavenly children. They closed their palms and sang together. On both sides it was raining sprinkles of (inner Heavenly) Light, which turned out to be flowers made of Light. Our whole Ashram was permeated with those 7 kinds of fragrances. When it was over, several initiates who came with me saw that the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas didn’t want to leave, and kept blessing us.” “The first time when I came here, it was Lunar New Year. When I meditated on the plane, I saw the manifestation body of Master. Then, when the plane was about 200 km from Taiwan, suddenly the pilot said that ‘We are about 200 km from Taiwan.’ Then suddenly, all the angels in Formosa (Taiwan) were greeting me.” “On April 27, 2019, I enjoyed the performances of the Pyongyang Folk Arts Group at the New Land Ashram, Taiwan (Formosa). As the programs went on, I deeply felt the power of peace which Master was bringing down from a very high realm, which was incomparably powerful, gentle and uninterrupted, as soft and smooth as silk. The extraordinarily strong peaceful power descended on the performance venue, roaming around, and ceaselessly spiraling upward and strengthening. Then it gushed out to all corners of the world, and everyone in touch with the power felt unprecedentedly peaceful and auspicious! We are deeply grateful to Master and God, for bringing the power of peace to the earth and bestowing peace to the whole world! Peace Lover from China” 

“Lesson 14: At this point, the divinatory symbol shows the end of prophecy. From the ancient time to the present and into the future, the Tao never ever changes and will go on forever.

This final passage from Zhuge Liang’s book says that although the divination has ended, the Tao never ends. This profound lesson is to remind us that what is important is to seek the Tao, whereas the prophetic disclosures are only a limited guidance. “Once we are very highly developed in wisdom, we are above astrology. No one can read your palm any longer, no one knows under which stars you are influenced anymore. Finished! You are above the stars, the sun, and the moon. Nothing affects you.” “This Dharma, we could call it Dharma lineage, or we could call it Buddha power, or we could call it the power of Tao, the original power, the power of creation, or God’s love, etc. God’s love or the power of creation is eternal. No one created it, and no one can destroy it. That’s why in the Buddhist’s Heart Sutra, it says, ‘There’s no creation because all things are illusions,’ and there is ‘no creation, no destruction, no impurity, no purity, no addition, and no reduction. This is referring to the ‘Dharma,’ the ‘Original Nature,’ or the power that exists eternally. This power created the universe and also saves us.

In Zhuge Liang’s prophecy of the Golden Age, two points are clear: First, peace will reign: “All beings in the world will be one family.” Second, the highest aim is, and always will be, to seek enlightenment and liberation, the never-changing Tao. Both peace and the Tao will be brought by the Saint.

These same points were made again 2,000 years later by Thái Tú Hòa, in a poem that He wrote after having met Supreme Master Ching Hai, the Great Saint whose arrival He had once prophesied in His previous form. What rapture His Soul must have felt to personally learn the Tao from Her and even serve as one of Her greatest helpers in Her mission to establish the Golden Age! As we listen to Thái Tú Hòa’s poem dedicated to His Beloved Master, titled “Mother’s Arrival,” let us notice how it echoes Zhuge Liang’s prophecy about the coming of the Great Saint. “Under the shade of Mercy, I take refuge Following Master’s footsteps, I have been so blessed over the years. Included even while in a previous life, I rested under a flowering tree Inner energy rose; suddenly awakened, I remembered my origin. Samsara is besieged by ruthless typhoon, torrential rains (chaos and sorrow) Bodhisattva’s compassion erases all ignorance. Mother’s arrival: shade of Bodhi Tree (enlightenment) reaching far and beyond Descent into human form, vows to relinquish life’s injustice. Mother’s arrival, like illuminating moonlight Within myself resounds intoxicating heavenly melody and glorious cosmic visions. Long ago, lost, I strayed from the flock A lonely soul at the cloud’s edge, river’s end; With the waves of life, aimlessly rising and falling A tree, withering in sorrow on foreign soil. Mother’s arrival, like a fresh, delightfully beautiful flower Like a breeze whispering hundreds of tender loving words. Mother’s arrival, permeating fragrance of inner ecstasy My heart freed from the source of suffering. In all earnestness, I humbly pray Mother’s arrival means liberation, and peace will reign over the five continents. In all earnestness, I humbly pray Mother’s arrival means liberation, and peace will reign over the five continents.”

We are grateful to the magnificent Zhuge Liang for taking his precious time and energy to discern and record these astounding prophecies, clearly and concisely conveying the most important truths, especially about the Savior and our present world.

May we rejoice in knowing that Supreme Master Ching Hai is the One easing the sufferings for all beings, and that Peace and Oneness shall prevail. Let us also take to heart Zhuge Liang’s final words of wisdom that the only lasting thing is the Tao. Our forever gratitude goes to Supreme Master Ching Hai, who is setting humanity on the right path of spiritual elevation. Thus, as prophesied, wisdom and virtue are becoming essential parts of the new human consciousness and soon everyone will be gloriously radiating light and love!

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