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In today’s news, educational funding helps children in Ethiopia, Japanese research finds UV-C light disables coronavirus, renewable energy development increases globally, Australian state introduces single-use plastic ban, farmers come together to help neighbor in need in United States, plant-based food consumption rises amid pandemic in United Kingdom and one of the largest global apparel companies bans exotic animal leather.

Education in Ethiopia, a Shining World Leadership Award for Earth Protection laureate, assisted in the wake of COVID-19.

The Global Partnership for Education, a multi-stakeholder partnership and funding platform, has granted US$14.85 million to sustain continued education in Ethiopia during the pandemic. This contribution, with the World Bank being the grant agent for Ethiopia, will back the COVID-19 Education Response Project, which seeks to support distance learning and safe reopening of schools. In particular, the Project will supply reopened schools with sanitation and safety materials and carry out a communication campaign to keep parents and students well-informed of safety procedures, among other measures. Accelerated learning activities will also be provided to compensate for the time missed. This Project is expected to be implemented during the next 18 months while supplementing other World Bank educational endeavors. Our sincere appreciation, Global Partnership for Education and World Bank. In Heaven’s protection, may the bright children of Ethiopia be blessed with a peaceful and prosperous future.

Japanese researchers test UV-C light for disinfecting COVID-19 virus on surfaces.

Researchers from Hiroshima University in Japan have discovered that ultraviolet C light of 222 nanometers can effectively disable the COVID-19 virus within 30 seconds. The 222 nanometers frequency is especially useful in real-world scenarios as it cannot penetrate human cells in the skin or eyes; thus it is safe around people. The disinfecting lamps that are currently used for rooms are 254 nanometers and can harm exposed human tissues, so the new discovery could lead to more widespread availability of UV-C disinfection systems. However, the scientists noted that more tests need to be conducted. Our appreciation, Hiroshima University researchers, for your valuable work. May your findings lead to better ways to clean public areas for the well-being of all, in Divine care.

Up next, renewable energy development increases globally. We are going to thank the food safety specialists for helping to protect the public from foodborne illness by enforcing proper ways of producing, storing and transporting foods. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more enriching news.

Hi, energetic friends, I am Betsy the vegan Black-Footed Ferret! Do you know why people are crazy about me? Because I’m vegan!! Here is a tip for you. Although online shopping is convenient and leaves less of a carbon footprint than driving to the store, same-day or overnight delivery is more detrimental to the environment as it requires additional transportation, according to researchers in the United States. Therefore, plan ahead the next time you order something online so you don’t need to use expedited shipping. You can further reduce the carbon footprint by checking to see if an item is locally available. Thank you for your attention and love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the weather around the globe.

Solar and wind markets expand worldwide.

United Kingdom-based independent climate think tank Ember recently reported a 14% growth in wind and photovoltaic sectors in the first half of 2020 compared to the same period last year, across 48 countries that hold 80% of global electricity generation. For nations mentioned in the study, solar energy and wind energy produced approximately 9.8% of the total electricity output. Germany led the wind and solar energy trend at 42%, followed by the UK with 33%, Turkey at 13%, the United States at 12%, and China, Brazil, India and Japan at 10% each. The report concludes that while the renewable trend is optimistic, bolder actions are needed to prevent an above 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature rise worldwide. Thank you, Ember researchers, for publishing these important findings. In Heaven’s mercy, may world leaders quickly take the bold action required to save the planet and enact Vegan Law.

Australian state bans single-use plastics.

South Australia is the first state in the nation to ban single-use plastics, including straws, drink stirrers and cutlery. The prohibition will take effect early next year to give businesses a chance to prepare, and also has the option to add more items. A year after the law comes into effect, plastic bowls, plates and polystyrene cups will also be banned. The state was also the first in Australia to stop single-use plastic bags in 2009, and also introduced a container deposit plan in 1977. Bravo, South Australia, on your actions to help preserve waterways, beaches and cherished wildlife. May other states follow your lead for an even greener country, in Celestial splendor.

Community steps up for farmer after heart attack.

Lane Unhjem had just begun harvesting the durum wheat and canola crop grown on his farm in North Dakota, United States, when he suffered a heart attack. Upon hearing of this, about 60 neighbors quickly rallied and put harvesting their own crops on hold. They showed up at Mr. Unhjem’s farm with 15 tractor-trailers, 11 combines and six grain carts. In seven hours, they harvested over 1,000 acres. The recovering farmer was still in hospital, but had the assurance that the crop was safe in the granary thanks to his caring neighbors. Family friend Jenna Binde explained that this was the “farming way of life… You help your neighbor out when they need it, and don’t expect anything in return.” What a heartwarming example of unconditional love! We wish Lane Unhjem continued recovery to good health and God’s blessings to his thoughtful neighbors, in the goodness of Heaven.

Coming up, plant-based food consumption rises amid pandemic in United Kingdom. It’s time for us to send a prayer of healing for the people in our community who have experienced unfavorable treatment throughout their lives. More significant news coming up on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Cheerful News for a Happier World.

Research finds increase in plant-based snacking amid COVID-19.

A poll of over 2,000 United Kingdom adults in August 2020 found that while people increased their snack consumption during lockdown, one in five respondents expanded their purchase of plant-based food. Among 18- to 34-year-olds, the number increases to 37%, with 45% willing to try plant-based products. Health concerns followed by environmental were the most commonly reported motivation for their choices. Furthermore, 44% of respondents reported buying plant-based milks during lockdown. The study was conducted for Olam International, a global leading cocoa company. Commenting on the survey, Wouter Stomph, North American Head of Product Development and Innovation at Olam International, called the shift towards plant-based and dairy-free choices “especially exciting,” providing opportunities for manufacturers to innovate to meet the growing demand. Many thanks, Olam International, for your encouraging findings. In the Divine’s compassion, we pray that all beings will adopt the benevolent vegan lifestyle.

One of the largest global apparel companies bans exotic animal leather.

In a historic victory for vulnerable animals, United States-based fashion giant PVH Corp. announced that it would stop the use of exotic animal skins in all its collections, including popular brands Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Van Heusen. Having appealed for an end to the merciless trade over the last decade, Shining World Compassion Award recipient People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) welcomed the announcement. In a press release, PETA asserted that not only will the humane decision save countless animals, including snakes, crocodiles and ostriches, it will also help reduce the risks of zoonotic outbreaks. Heaven bless you, PVH Corp., for your caring choice, and our warm gratitude, PETA, for your ongoing efforts to protect innocent animals. May all businesses choose cruelty-free practices, as we herald the dawn of a new vegan era.

Time for a merry moment with a joke of the day entitled, “When Less is More.”

A man was very much in love with a woman. One day she told him that the next day was her birthday.

“I will send you a bouquet of roses... one for each year of your life.”

That evening he ordered 21 roses with instructions that they be delivered first thing the next morning. As the florist was preparing the order, he decided that since the young man was such a good customer, he would put an extra dozen roses in the bouquet. The fellow never found out what made his girlfriend so angry with him...

And now we have a heartline from Hương Lài in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam:

Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Supreme Master Television team, Since Supreme Master Television started broadcasting, I watch it every day and love all the programs, especially Master’s lectures and those shows about animals with lovely and cute pictures. I hope that Supreme Master Television will have some animated movies about the animal kingdom so that both adults and children can enjoy the beauty and intelligence of our animal co-inhabitants.

I saw the program mentioning animal protection laws from countries around the world. I thought that it is wonderful that the world has learned to cherish the animals more and more. I hope that all the animals such as pigs, chickens, cows, etc. will be respected and protected. I hope that all the countries ban meat-eating and close all the slaughterhouses so that the animals can truly be safe and protected permanently. The scenes from the slaughterhouses pained my heart and caused me to shed tears. I earnestly wish that humanity will cherish our animal friends and let them live in peace. They are lovely, vulnerable, and need human help. I pray that the world will see no more violence, and there will be no more slaughterhouses anywhere. I encourage humans to be vegan to best benefit this Earth. We will forever be grateful if humans change and act according to the natural law as well as animal protection laws, which have already been signed. Thus, our Earth will become very beautiful and lovely.

I thank Supreme Master Ching Hai immensely from the bottom of my little heart. Hương Lài from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Loyal Hương Lài, We are delighted to read that you are such an avid viewer of Supreme Master Television and enjoy the programs so much. Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lectures are certainly a favorite with viewers and understandably so, as we are uplifted and enlightened by Master’s boundless Love and Wisdom. Overall, the world’s animal protection laws are being improved to better ensure longer and happier lives for all these noble beings. The ultimate solution is the enactment of Vegan Law to ban all animal products by all nations, which we pray comes swiftly. God bless Supreme Master Ching Hai and may the Divine channel Love, Peace, and Harmony to our planet. Wishing tranquility to be with you and the innovative Aulacese (Vietnamese) people. In Heaven’s Love, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master also said: “Precious Hương Lài, if there is a global ban on meat, the atmosphere of our planet would immediately become light, free, and full of love. This event I envision daily. Please share information on veganism, including Supreme Master Television programs on the topic, with those in your circle. May the Buddha’s radiance shine on you and rising Âu Lạc (Vietnam).”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May the peace and light of the Divine illuminate your heart and uplift your spirit.

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