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Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) Meets the Former Vice President of Taiwan (Formosa), Her Excellency Lu Hsiu-Lien (vegetarian), and Distinguished Guests, Part 1 of 3, June 25, 2019

Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文),English
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On Tuesday, June 25, 2019, at the New Land Ashram in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai met with the former Vice President of Taiwan (Formosa), Her Excellency Lu Hsiu-Lien and guests. “War is the most painful thing to humankind, the most… (I think it’s the most stupid thing.) That’s right. The most foolish action. Whatever happens, we all can talk and communicate with each other. (That’s right.) Why use guns? Many people would die because of guns. And then the economy of that country would collapse. Many companies from abroad would be scared. They wouldn’t set up business there, or they would withdraw the business. Therefore, war is bad for everybody. It’s the worst for a country. It’s even worse for the citizens. Children, girls, and all innocent people would be killed. (Yes.) There’s nothing good about it.” “Yes. I grew up in a war. So I feel unpleasant when I talk about it. (You’d feel their pain.) It’s very painful. I feel other people’s pain. People suffer too much in war. They can’t work. They can’t till their lands, either. And children can’t go to school or grow up well. (Yes.) It’s harmful to everybody, especially children. Women are also very helpless. They are greatly harmed by war. And it causes a lot of casualties.” “Whatever we want to achieve, it also depends on our own merits. We depend not only on abilities or vision, but also on merits. It also depends on the merits of those around us, those who support us and the country. (Yes.) Yeah. That’s why we can only do our utmost. Whatever we do, we just do our best. (Yes.) (OK.) And then it’ll depend on the destiny of the country.” “I teach them more profound things. If they meditated, they would be able to accept it more. (The mind is pacified.) Yes, more meditation is beneficial to the country, and to the world. Just talking is not very useful. It’s only good for the mind. Meditation reaches our original true Master, who comes out to help the world. It’s our original Self, our Buddha Nature. Spoken words are only for the mind.” “Our TV program encompasses everything, including Catholicism, Taoism, including Catholicism, Taoism, and Buddhism, so that religions can understand each other and stop competing, praising their own religion and criticizing other religions. If we really spend time to research, the teachings of all religions are similar. (Master is very open-minded.) So, we provide information for people to understand and to reduce fighting.”
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