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Raw Vegan Chef Lesa Carlson’s Artistic Dishes, Part 1 of 2 – Nasturtium Blossoms Stuffed with Almond-Dill Cheese

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Today, we are delighted to have esteemed raw vegan chef Ms. Lesa Carlson, on our show to teach us how to make the gorgeous, nutritious, and tasty stuffed nasturtium blossoms. Ms. Lesa Carlson is a famous raw vegan chef, an eco-entrepreneur as well as a prolific artist and an award-winning vocalist. Ms. Carlson regards the process of assembling a dish like creating a piece of art, whereby she endeavors to bring together beauty, perfection, and deliciousness. "I work with energy and food, and how that amplifies the energy in the body so it can self-heal." "If you’re eating 100% raw, you’ll start to eat much more simply." "We’re going to make stuffed blossom with almond-dill cheese, and it’s also vegan and raw. Nothing has been heated. It’s all been soaked and germinated. Once it has germinated, the full intelligence of that plant is activated. And there is light and life and energy that surrounds this entire seed." "The ingredient that I’m going to use first is for the (vegan) cheese. And then I will do the sauce. This is probably about a cup worth of almonds with skin taken off. Half a cup of olive oil. Half a teaspoon of the coarse sea salt. I’m going to use lemon, so it gives it that little bit of tartness." “These are the dried mangoes. They give it that nice little sweet bite of the glaze.” “I’m using probably about a cup’s worth of dates." “Next ginger.” “Now this is a glaze.” “I’m going to stuff the inside of the flower with the (vegan) cheese.” “I’m going to gently just zigzag this sauce across the blossoms and across the plate.” “So, that is our stuffed blossoms with dill and hot ginger date chili sauce.”
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