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Between Master and Disciples

Take Bold Action for a Vegan World! Part 5 of 5, Oct. 29, 2019

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If they became vegan, our lives would be more comfortable. We will have more and more extraordinary high-tech. We will have less or no more disease. We will not have to mourn early the death of our relatives, friends, or loved ones. We will live happily, healthy long lives, and connected with the Divine even.


We lose everything absolutely if we lose compassion and mercy in our heart. So, you try to invoke that merciful quality in other humans wherever you go, wherever you are, whenever you can by showing them the benefit of the vegan diet. Through our television, you have much information. You take out some clips and show it to them. Show the important clips of the harm of alcohol, of meat or fish, and those films, the gruesome, the wicked, I have no words, the evil practice, I have to say, evil, barbarous practice of animal abuse in the livestock industry. Show it all to them. Shove it all to them. Let them know. Let them be ignorant no longer about what they’re eating, about how they’re harming themselves, bringing all this dead, bloody corpse, flesh into their bodies, and other harmful substances as well, which is absolutely unnecessary. You have to show it to them. Don't be shy. You might be suffering because of the images, but you have to show it to them. Because simple words, gentle words, plain words don’t work. Do something, please. Whoever can, do it. Even if you’re old, you’re never too old enough to watch those films, with your neighbors or whoever comes to visit you – your family members who don’t eat vegan, who still drink alcohol, harming themselves, all that. Show it to them. Don’t just show my lectures. Let them wake up. Let them see the reality, the connection between the piece of meat that they put in their mouths and the pain, the agony, the suffering of other beings in the dark corner, hidden from sight. Show it all to them. Thank you for any help you do.

Don’t be jealous with me because the Master takes the credit for 53%. I would like to take credit for 100% so that I can boast with all of you, saying, “I don’t need you. I don’t need you. I do everything myself.” Maybe if I didn’t have you, if you were not there, if you were not my disciples, then maybe I could claim 100% credit. Who knows? But nevertheless, I have to do many jobs at the same time. I have to even earn money. You don’t just have privileges and blessings and benefits. You have duties also. Do it with me, work with me, support me mentally, physically, although not financially, I don’t ask. But you use the financial wealth that God gives to you to distribute, to help the poor, to help advocate Supreme Master Television, to wake people up through our news, through our shows, through our programs, and help to pay for the films that you let them watch, OK? Or you pay for the film, and then you download it, you send it to them. Even if they don’t come to you to watch, you send it to their living room. You send it to their computer, so that they may be curious and watch it. You send the harm of the animal products, of the alcohol, of the drugs, of the cigarettes, of all kinds of things that are plaguing our brothers and sisters on this planet. You have the duty to help them. I am not alone in who wants to help. You also want to help. No? (Yes, we do!) Yeah, sure! Then do it! Then do it! Do more. Do more. Of course, you meditate, that’s important. And you prepare vegan food for whoever comes to you, that’s important. But you show them also the reality of the livestock, wicked, barbarous, evil industry. I don’t mince my words anymore. I don’t like to mince my words anymore. We don’t mince our words anymore. And we don’t mince our actions either. We go it outright, right now. It’s time. We have to do it more bold, bolder, more courageous now, more outright now, because time is very, very short now. The Master Power, Heaven Power can help to keep the planet afloat for some time, to buy time for us. But we have to take action now. All the governments in the world must take action or else we’ll be all gone. And even if the planet will not be gone, it will be like a burning inferno. And I don’t think any good parents would like to imagine their children or their grandchildren be burnt in such an inferno like that. So, if they love their children, grandchildren, great-great- great-great-grandchildren, they have to act NOW! They have to be vegan NOW! Because it’s already officially acknowledged by all the governments in the world.

I pray, I hope, I plead with them that they should act now. There is a very easy way. There are many ways to survive. You don’t have to eat the meat or the fish or anything that moves, to survive. We have so many proteins from all sources. And nowadays, they are even going to make protein from thin air, remember? Yeah! Wow. (Yes, Master.) The world is getting better all the time. It’s just that the world’s people have to catch up with it, and then it will be even better and better all the time. You have to step on one ladder step first and then you can go up and up and up and up and up. That’s the logical thing to do. So, if they became vegan, our lives would be more comfortable. We will have more and more extraordinary high-tech. We will have less or no more disease. We will not have to mourn early the death of our relatives, friends, or loved ones. We will live happily, healthy long lives, and connected with the Divine even, because Heaven will be able to show us some expressive signs of Their love and Their connection with us.

Right now, humans, many or the majority or at least half, are still blind, deaf, and dumb to their Great Selves, to the Almighty Power, and to all Heavens. Just because they abuse themselves, ruin themselves by eating other beings’ flesh, and taking in those intoxicants, which are very, very detrimental to all aspects of our being. Not just the bodily sickness, but it’s a mental disturbance, psychologically ruin, psyche, also damaging, mentally disturbing, and spiritually detrimental. I don’t have enough vocabulary to describe what harmful effects that humans take by themselves into their beings by doing such and such things, like meat, wine, alcohol, and drugs, etc.

If you have any questions, please ask me, and my calendar probably will prolong a little longer. Thank you for your loving attention. (Thank You, Master.) And your enthusiastic clapping. It’s good for my ego. It is good, continue to do. It’s good, so that my mind will allow me to continue to do my job, so it doesn’t complain. Questions? Or is all enlightened already?

(Master, I’d like to give You a report today. There’re three subjects, meaning three achievements in the report. Before giving the report, I’d like to share with You my experiences on the Supreme Master Ching Hai Day this time.) Go ahead. (First, during the conference with You, what impressed me most was that You said meditation is like breathing, and that’s why for the past two days, I could go into samadhi as soon as I meditated, which was very nice.) Good. You’re determined, all prepared to meditate. (Yes, yes. And during the celebration performance, I saw Master’s light body appearing. I was very touched.) Good. You’ll get good results as long as you’re determined. (Yes.) The point is all here. You have to be determined, very determined.

(There were very strong vibrations during the performances this time. I was clapping my hands all the while. It was remarkable. And now, allow me to report the three achievements. The first one is: I was invited by the mayor to an agriculture expo between Taiwan (Formosa) and China, which was held in a big building for agricultural exhibitions. The purpose was to showcase scientific achievements in agriculture, including guest speeches. I was the first one to speak, which received great responses afterward. Many farm owners approached me for help on soil improvement. And the mayor, who had invited me there, said, “What you’ve said is all very practical. This is the first time I heard about it.” And he wanted to act on it. He said, “Whichever city I become mayor next, I’ll put everything you’ve said into practice.” Actually, I was just quoting the main directions and instructions in Your book “From Crisis To Peace.” But he was so impressed.) Congratulations.

(The second thing I’d like to report is, the main part of the proposal that our expert team has created for our National Consultation Committee was based on “From Crisis to Peace.” It’s about the construction of eco-friendly communities. We took the leaders of the National Consultation Committee to our hospital, which is a vegetarian hospital, and we offered them a thorough survey. They were very impressed because in our hospital, nothing has animal ingredients. And our treatments worked well. A lot of patients had their tough illnesses cured. Everyone in our hospital is on a vegetarian diet, including patients and staff. They were amazed that vegetarian people could be so healthy. We invited them to have lunch at the restaurant in our hospital and they said, “Vegetarian food is delicious and beneficial to health.” The point is, I also took them to our experimental stations in different villages of China and did a lot of demos. Our requirement is that no pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides be used in the villages. Every village has to do garbage classification. All plant leftovers have to be returned to the farmlands and go through biological transformation, turning wastes into precious resources, which is very good for the environment. All plant harvests will have to be checked at the testing authority assigned by our Department of Agriculture, to ensure that there’s no trace of the fifty kinds of pesticides and heavy metals in the harvests. Therefore, when they visited our experimental stations, they just plucked the vegetables and ate them on the spot. I said, “It’s all right. There’s no pollution in these vegetables at all. Besides, there’s vitamin B12 in the soil, which can supplement your daily intake.”) Amazing. You’ve done a great job. (They were very pleased.) What did you do to make the mayor invite you there? (I work in bio-engineering, meaning soil improvement.) Fantastic. You see, no mayor has ever invited me. (I went as a representative of our group. It was very successful.) Congratulations. Good, good. (Thank You, Master.) Congratulations. Good job.

(Yes. And the third achievement is: I made a lot of proposals to them, which were about how to turn an industrial civilization into an ecological civilization, to revive our traditional agriculture, and to promote the “triple-purity” education starting from kindergarten. And we cure all patients in the village. First, I gave them thorough health check-ups at our hospitals. All villagers came to our hospitals for health check-ups. Those who were found ill received medical treatments at our hospitals, almost free of charge.) Wow! OK. (They were all very happy.) Good job! Good job! (Thank You, Master. Many people had difficult or unknown diseases. Some of them could not return to work on their farmland. This year, after receiving our medical treatment, the farmer returned to work and could harvest all the chestnuts in his field. He was so happy.) OK. Good job! (Thank You, Master. There’s a third achievement. Our team is going to build some eco-friendly communities. The bio-technology industrial park is very big, and I have spoken with the leader there. And they also were prepared to implement our advice, which I quoted from the guidelines in “From Crisis To Peace,” which is great. Thank You, Master.) Good. (That’s the end of my report.) OK, thank you. I’ve heard all the details. Your report is very complete. And I’ve heard all the details. Thank you.

  1. Good. All right. How long have we been together? Maybe almost two hours, right? (Yes.) It’s good enough. Too many good things, you cannot digest, so another time. I really need to go. (Thank You, Master.) I really need to go take care of my dogs, take care of some urgent documents and meditate for the whole world. See you another time if possible. God bless you. (Thank You, Master.) God take care of you. And I love you. (We love You, Master.) Likewise. I also love your Master. (Love You, Master!) Love you. (Love You, Master!) Bye. (Thank You!) (Love You, Master.) Love you. (We love You!) Take good care. Take care and help others, OK? (Yes!) Meditate and help others. (Thank You!) Ciao! (Thank You, Master!) Love you.
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