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The Crosby Family: Icons of Compassion, Conviction, and Faith, Part 2 of 2

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On today’s program, we meet the rest of this multi-talented, compassionate family: Spice’s husband, Mr. Gregory Crosby, and their handsome son, Luke. Gregory Crosby’s passion for the arts began in childhood, inspired by his grandfather, legendary singer, comedian and actor, Mr. Bing Crosby. Over the years, Mr. Crosby has written 25 screenplays, 10 treatments for TV shows, TV movies, feature films, and 5 television “bibles,” or documents providing detailed descriptions of characters, settings, and other elements of a project. Let’s now meet the youngest member of this remarkable family, Luke Gregory Crosby. Like his parents, Luke is passionate about the entertainment world and is a professional stuntman, writer and actor. Being vegan since birth, he keeps himself in top condition through martial arts practice and holds a Black Belt in Arjukanpo. More recently, through Make-Believe Entertainment, Luke joined the rest of the Crosby family to create an inspiring film, “Talk to the Animals.” Produced by Gregory Crosby and starring both Luke and Spice, the film tells a story about communing with nature and animals as a way to grow closer to God. Then, on October 1, 2019, he met Master in person, when Luke and his mother attended the “Friends of Eternity” celebration in the New Land Ashram in Taiwan (Formosa). The two shared some happy moments together. “Supreme Master, since I was 13, when I first met You, You’ve become an idol, (Oh, really?) As a child, I grew up with type 1 diabetes and with certain health elements, (I remember.) realizing that veganism truly has a power, not only with your body but spiritually, and that's healing. (Everything is perfect.) And because of that, my health has been perfect ever since. (Wow! I am so glad.) So, thank You, thank You for everything.”
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