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Selections from “Harmony of All Religions” – Chapter 7: Santmat – The Path of the Masters, Part 1 of 2

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Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj is a renowned Saint who was the fourth Guru in the Sant Mat lineage of great spiritual Masters that include Sant Tulsi Sahib, Baba Devi Sahab, and Maharishi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj. “Harmony of All Religions” (“Sarvadharma Samanvy”), by Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, explores the inner Heavenly Light and Sound meditation practice as it is found in the great world religions of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikh, Islam, the Judeo-Christian tradition, and the Sant Mat tradition. We will now share with you excerpts from “Chapter 7: Santmat” of the book “Harmony of All Religions.” 
“Santmat, the Way of Sages, is also referred to as the path of Saints, the teachings of Saints, and as the conviction of Saints and Sages. It is neither a new religion nor a new group of an existing religion. Santmat is not a new philosophical conviction, or even a new interpretation of a religious tradition. Santmat was not founded by any particular Sage or Saint, although it respects all equally. Further, Santmat represents the eternal wisdom and method and is in accordance with the ancient Vedas.” 
“Santmat is a pure spiritual tradition. The teachings of Santmat integrate devotion to God with inner subtle knowledge and yogic disciplines. It has been spoken about by many of the Saints.” 
“Santmat proclaims that the teachings of Saints and the essential knowledge expounded by the Vedas are identical. As well, the Sages and great Saints of ancient times taught the same message about the Divine as the Saints of today. These teachings of the Saints are the same as the knowledge found in the Vedas. The present need is to examine these statements closely and to experience the Truth within.” 
“However, as the Saints tell us, even if we acquire all these physical possessions — status, fame, or wealth — we are still unable to attain true peace, joy and happiness. The peace we seek is not found in the outer material world but only in the inner world of the soul.”
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