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Prime “Vegan” Impact with Keith Coomber (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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Today we are having a show featuring our honored guest, Mr. Keith Coomber, whose family-minded values extend out to all the beings on the planet. “I’m one of the directors of Prime Impact. Prime Impact is a publishing company and also an event organizing company as well. And then we moved into veganism a few years ago, so we now produce magazines and also run exhibitions in all of those sectors.” Prime Impact’s publications include: Vegan Life Magazine, PlantBased Magazine, PlantBased Daily Recipes, Be Kind Magazine, Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine, Om Yoga Teacher Training Guide, Om Yoga Travel Guide, plus more. Their exhibitions and events are the Mind Body Soul Experience London, the Om Yoga Show’s in London and Manchester and the Vegan Life Live event in London. Starting his journey with a vegetarian diet and promoting yoga events, Mr. Coomber was unaware of the saddening processes in the dairy industry, until receiving some enlightening information from his daughter. “She started telling me about the dairy industry. You know I hadn’t eaten meat for a long time, but she really opened my eyes to the dairy, the whole dairy industry. So it was kind of, it was that journey, it was that start of a journey really for us, and so we all went vegan, literally almost overnight and we thought...Well, if I don’t know about this, I don’t know about the dairy industry, then I’m sure there’s lots of other people that don’t either. So, let’s start telling other people and publish a magazine.” The subscribers to Vegan Life Magazine are predominately vegan at 60% but surprisingly the subscribers to PlantBased Magazine comprise of only 17% that are vegan, meaning there is a huge interest in plant-based food options from vegetarians and possibly even meat eaters on how to create plant-based dishes. Vegan Life Magazine is a highly educative publication which has information on all aspects of the vegan lifestyle. Prime Impact caters to and educates not only the consumers, but also suppliers and stockists. Mr. Coomber reaffirms that the trend towards peace and veganism has definitely increased since the early days of Vegan Life Magazine. This trend of peace is music to Heaven’s ears, as Heaven is taking note of all our actions and thoughts, so as to gift us with Heavenly rewards accordingly.
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