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Vegan Chef Suchart’s Beneficial Amla Alcohol-Free Beer and Spicy Thai Corn Fritters

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Chef Suchart Wonglertsuwan has been a vegan chef for 14 years and specializes in veganizing well known Thai dishes. Today, Chef Suchart Wonglertsuwan kindly shares with us two of his own recipes, Amla Alcohol-Free Beer and Vegan Spicy Thai Corn Fritters. The vegan beer uses amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, a fruit used since ancient times in Indian Ayurveda, and by the Thais as herbal medicine. Amla has a slightly bitter taste, which mimics the taste of beer. Let’s watch how this alcohol-free beer is made. “We will use one tablespoon of [amla juice].” “And then we add in the soda water.” “When we pour in the soda water, if we pour it slowly like this, there will not be much foam.” “It has a slightly bitter taste, which is like a lot of beer.” Chef Suchart will now show us how to make a popular snack, Vegan Spicy Thai Corn Fritters, which will go perfectly with the alcohol-free Amla Beer. “These two (rice flour and tapioca starch). Mix these two together. To make the fritters more crispy and crunchy. Let’s mix the flours together.” “We will start mixing the ingredients. We have the flour that we prepared earlier. The corn that we sliced earlier. We then put the corn in the flour, and then the kaffir lime leaves that we finely sliced earlier.” “Now pour in the water and mix the ingredients well.” “We will pour oil into the frying pan.” “Then we turn on the gas stove and we wait for the oil to heat up. The oil is starting to heat up. Then we start to fry the corn fritters.” “All done.” “And we have some dipping sauce. It has sugar, vinegar. Salt and water.” " There are cucumber, sliced chilies, and cilantro.” “It’s not difficult at all.” “Very tasty. So mouthwatering.”
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