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From the Sacred Text of the Universal White Brotherhood: For the Glory of God, Segment I, Part 1 of 2

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The spiritual lineage of the Universal White Brotherhood was founded by Master Beinsa Douno, also known as Peter Konstantinov Deunov, of Bulgaria, in 1897. The Universal White Brotherhood believes that God is in everything: in the stones, the plants, the water, the air, the animals, and the light. Following the principle of ahimsa, or non-violence, Master Beinsa Douno practiced and preached a vegetarian diet. Today, we present to you the sacred teachings of the Universal White Brotherhood with an excerpt from Master Beinsa Douno’s lecture entitled, “For the Glory of God.” “All these external manifestations of Life have their own form. Warmth creates certain forms in people. Light also creates certain forms. Life has certain forms as well. Every flow creates its own particular forms. The warmth and light of the Sun have a big impact first on the religious state of people, as well as on science. You shall strive to preserve this warmth and light within yourselves. You shall never lose the small warmth that you have in the solar plexus! This warmth should always exist in you. It is necessary to you. If you have this warmth, you are invulnerable. No one can harm you. However, if you lose this warmth, the biggest misfortunes may come upon you: storms, catastrophes. They can destroy you entirely, so that nothing will remain from you. If you keep this warmth in you, Light will eventually come. When Light comes, it bestows knowledge on people. Thus, the light ether has an impact on the brain. The thermal ether has an impact on the heart. A number of chemical processes take place in the human heart directed from the inside to the outside. They determine in which way a person will manifest oneself. Do not be held back by the different manifestations of human life! The outside world may be held back, but not you. You should know that regardless of the way in which people manifest themselves, it is all for the Glory of God. Your mistakes and omissions represent opportunities for the elevation of beings that are more advanced than you. When you make a certain error, these beings that are invisible for you, will use this error for the formation of a great virtue. Everything in the world is created in such a way that these conscious beings will use every error of yours to create a new virtue. Now, be aware of saying: if everything is for good, let us make mistakes! No, that is not right. When you have unconsciously made a mistake or an omission, then I say that you should not be sorry for it. This mistake of yours will be used by another being for something good. You should know that as long as you are on Earth you will make mistakes. They are inevitable. However, mistakes should not be made on purpose.”
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