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Ephesus: A Glimpse Into Millennia Past

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Welcome to “Ephesus: A Glimpse Into Millennia Past.” Every year on this day, August 15th, pilgrims travel to the historical city of Ephesus and visit the sacred House of Virgin Mary in observance of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Situated in modern-day Turkey, Ephesus has a past that goes back thousands of years, and has played an important role not only in Christianity, but in ancient Greek and Roman history as well. For its historical, cultural, religious, and archeological significance, Ephesus was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2015. Remnants from the days of old show that Ephesus was not only a cosmopolitan center of commerce, but also a religious hub for Christianity and a leading political and intellectual center. Ephesus played a major role in spreading Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. The New Testament mentions the ancient city of Ephesus several times. Eventually, Christianity became the city’s official religion. Christians began visiting the classical city in the 1st century BC, including Saint Paul and Saint John, the venerated Apostles of Lord Jesus Christ, as well as the Blessed Virgin Mary. Saint John spent His longest missionary service in Ephesus. The House of the Virgin Mary, the holy place where the Mother of Lord Jesus Christ spent the final years of Her life, is also located nearby in Ephesus on Mount Koressos. In addition to its religious importance, Ephesus was a major center for culture and intellect. It was home to the second school of philosophy in the Aegean. Transporting us back in time, Ephesus is an outstanding testament to an ancient city that flourished as a center for cultural tradition as well as commerce, religion, intellect, and philosophy. Even today, Ephesus continues to impact the world through its history and its monumental archeological discoveries.
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