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Shining World Honesty Award Recipient: Mr. Kevin Booth, an Icon of Honesty

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Kevin Booth is a long-time resident of Sumner. He doesn’t live in a luxurious house, or even a modest apartment. Instead he has remained homeless, taking shelter in a tent in the woods, and picking up basic food supplies at the local Sumner Community Food Bank. On the morning of August 23, 2018, Kevin woke up early and headed off to the Food Bank. As Kevin approached the bread box, something else caught his eye, a brown paper bag laying outside the front door. He picked it up, opened it, and pulled out a $20 bill. He then realized the bag was full of cash. “I picked it up and turned it in to the lady that works there. She then turned it in to the Sumner Police Department who rewarded me with a reward and $500 in gift cards. And I also found out that it was $17,000 that I found, and they made me feel very very special to return it to the food bank even though I could have used it, they could have used it as well, for the community and myself and everyone else around for their new food bank.” Upon hearing the news of Kevin Booth’s pure hearted honesty, Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Cheerfully present Mr. Kevin Booth with the Shining World Honesty Award, plus US$10,000 with a big hug, love and praises. May Heavens watch over your soul.”
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