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The Love of a Living Master Reaches All Beings (Part 3 of 3) October 6, 2016

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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I wish all of you know this kind of love. I love even the little ants, the snails, the snakes around the ashram. Sometimes I talk to them, wonder if they have enough food and they have water. They say, OK. If I eat something, I share with them. I really don't share because it's the right thing to do. I share because I really love them. I'm really concerned with their life. With the snake, whether he has enough food, the insects, whether they have water and all that, or the birds. Every day, I feel that I love them so much, but I cannot do much for them. But I'm just very, very concerned, and I truly love them. (I know, I know.) But even the ants and all that, I worry, so I told my assistant, “Don't step on the grass just to clean the leaves.” I said, “Don't step on it. We use the rake, to take the leaves out from one side to another, or use the machine to blow the leaves away to somewhere else that we can clean with hands better, because the grass is full of grasshoppers.” I really feel for them, I really love them. Truly, like that. Because they cannot help themselves. It feels like I love them more than I love you, but it's not like that. Maybe like that, but maybe not. It's because they are more helpless.

It's best to communicate on the inside. Inside, you have all the answers. It's just that you don't have time to find them. You keep relying on Master or finding methods on the outside. And you keep yourselves busy, so you don't meditate enough. So, do your best, OK? (OK.) No matter what, your souls are free already. The remaining issues aren't that important. The main thing is your souls are liberated now. You're liberated at initiation, but your soul still needs to instruct you what to do. It's just that your mind does not follow your soul; that's why you struggle inside sometimes. As a result, you have headaches, stomachaches or some other illnesses. It's because our mind doesn't cooperate with our soul. It's because of our mind. It's difficult to change old habits. But it's all right. I know that you all try your best. Every one of you does. It's just we have limited abilities. Sometimes the body gets tired, or we work too much, and then the mind goes wild. We also get affected by the world around us. That's why you need to recite the Five Holy Names at all times for protection. Understand? (Yes.) For example, in case you fall into hell, and if you remember to recite the Holy Names, you'll be instantly freed. But your soul already became free at initiation. You just need to do your best to listen to your soul. Because the Master Power can communicate with your soul much easier now.

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