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In today’s news, global organizations collaborate to bring learning to Ukrainian (Ureignian) children, severe floods devastate Congo’s capital Kinshasa, scientists freeze coral larvae to save Great Barrier Reef in Australia, all new homes in Tokyo, Japan after 2025 required to install solar panels, heroic medic rescues in Utah, USA, fellow skier on his day off, British vegan media platform releases video highlighting animal-people factories’ impact on climate, and New York animal-people companion stores banned from selling dog-, cat-, and rabbit-individuals from 2024.

Today, I'd like to offer a helpful tip on how you can easily go vegan! You can find many vegan apps in google. For example, if you choose the VNutritionapp created by The Vegan Society's Dietitian, Heather Russell, this one helps vegans reach their nutritional targets daily. The apps utilize handy diagrams, keeps track of your progress, and provide customized tips to help you achieve your dietary goals. Now you won't have to worry about meeting your daily dietary requirements.

Now, it's time to take the joke of the day out of the giggle backpack and enjoy. This one's entitled, “Love is Like What?”

An elderly woman asks her husband:

“Darling, tell me how much you love me.”

“My love for you is like a pair of dentures.”

“How could you compare your love for me to a pair of dentures?”

“Because I can’t smile without you!”


And now we have a heartline from Leonie in Germany:

Dear Master and Supreme Master TV team, I would like to share an experience my best friend and I had on vacation in Thailand this year. We went to the Chiang Dao cave in Chiang Mai, north Thailand. I had heard that many monks used to meditate there in the past. My best friend and I went to this place in July 2022, and stayed for four nights at the resort, which is located in the city. On the second day, we went to this cave. A lot of bat-people live in the cave we visited. There were not many people, only the two of us. We sat down to meditate for about 5-10 minutes, and prayed to God and all the sacred things that allowed us to visit this place: “We are disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai. We ask permission to meditate here for a moment because we had a feeling that it would be quiet.”

When the day-trip was over, we went back to the resort, which consists of small houses built not far from each other, and each has a balcony in front. When we arrived back at the resort, it was around 7 pm, and we turned on the balcony light. Suddenly, there were many bat-people flying in a flock, only on our balcony. We were both very surprised and my best friend and I hurriedly shut the door and looked at them through the glass window. There were countless bat-people flying in a flock in a circle, like they were happy. My best friend and I were just stunned as we watch them, and we didn’t dare open the door to go outside on the balcony. We stood watching for a long time. After a lot of them flew away, I figured I had to take a video. As the number of bat-people slowly dwindled, we went outside onto the balcony. People staying near us at the resort shouted and asked what was going on: “Why are there so many bat-people flying only on your balcony?” I said, “I don’t know either, maybe the bat-people know that we don’t eat animal-people.”

I thought to myself, I remember Master once said that Quan Yin meditation is a very powerful method, and some animal-people know it. This really happened. The next day, I asked the owner of the resort, and told her about the many bat-people. She didn’t believe it at first, because she said that there never were bat-people there. On day 3 and day 4 nothing happened; no bat-people at all.

We love You, Master, and we believe that everything Master says is true. We are very grateful to You, Master, that we have become Your disciples. We will do our best and will meditate as much as possible. And thank you, the Supreme Master TV team. May God bless you. And I hope that humans are more compassionate to animal-people and that more of them turn vegan, to bring peace to ourselves and our planet. With God`s Love, Leonie from Germany

Caring Leonie, What an amazing story! It’s fascinating when our meditation yields completely unexpected results. The bat-people were able to “tune in” to your vibration and find you. We think they came to the resort to say “hallo” and “thank you.” And how wonderful it is that you were able to tell the other guests that this unusual event was related to your veganism. May you and conscientious Germany continue to expand in awareness of God’s Grace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Here is Master’s kind response to you: “Fun-loving Leonie, the bat-people were so joyous and delighted that you came and did Quan Yin Meditation in their home. They let you know that they were thankful and felt honored that you visited them and brought the blessings of meditation to their cave. Truly, the animal-people have pure and generous hearts. They can see and understand the world in ways that we cannot. May you and the giving people of Germany grow in both compassion and understanding of all of our beautiful co-inhabitants.”

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