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In today’s news, Turkish students in Pakistan deliver compassionate aid to flood victims in their host country, bacteria in waters threatening Florida, United States, after Hurricane Ian, app released in Australian state to help save more lives, American company creates wearable device to help workers prevent heat exhaustion, 11-year-old in Minnesota, USA, builds wheelchair for teacher’s dog-person companion, German city of Freiburg chooses to serve exclusively vegetarian meals at its school cafeterias, and cat-person village established in the Philippines.

Turkish students in Pakistan provided loving help to flood victims in their host country.

The Pakistan Alumni and Members Association (PAMDER) partnered with a Turkish private company and Dost Eli Association, to provide 120 tons of timely humanitarian assistance to flood victims in Sindh Province, Pakistan. An estimated 6,000 people benefited from the loving donations of food supplies, tents, beds, and shelters. Mr. Mervan Özyön, a partner of the Turkish company, explained that their actions were simply following the Islamic religious teaching, “He who sleeps peacefully while his neighbor is hungry is not one of us.” The compassionate help was received with much gratitude. Our accolades, to all parties involved, for helping the Pakistani people overcome the grave difficulties caused by this historic flood. We pray for life to return to normal soon for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan, in Allah’s eternal Benevolence.

Flesh-eating bacteria found in waters after Hurricane Ian.

Vibrio vulnificus, a flesh-eating bacteria, is threatening Florida, USA, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. According to the Florida Department of Health’s statistics, as of September 29, 65 infections of Vibrio vulnificus, via open wounds, have been reported. This year 11 people have died from this bacterial infection in the state of Florida. “DOH-Lee is observing an abnormal increase in cases of Vibrio vulnificus infections as a result of exposure to the floodwaters and standing waters following Hurricane Ian,” Lee County Department of Health spokesperson Tammy Soliz told CNN. The Vibrio infection can also be caused by eating raw or undercooked seafood. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by Hurricane Ian. In the mercy of the Providence, may anyone infected by this terrifying bacteria recover quickly, as we all adopt the plant-based lifestyle and reverse the impacts of climate change. Vegan: tested negative 4 greed.

Up next, app to help save more lives released in Australian state. We will take a moment to thank the forest and conservation technicians, who assist in forest propagation as well as the prevention and suppression of forest fires. When we return, more thoughtful news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Hi, generous viewers! I am Zendaya, a vegan girl from the Zebra kingdom! I rejoice through my days with the gentle Melody of the Universe and compassionate living as my guides. Truly, adopting the loving plant-based diet brings us to a higher path! I would like to share a safety tip with you. Fire experts recommend you sleep with your bedroom door shut, to stay safe in case of a fire emergency. This way, there is a barrier between you and the fire. Furthermore, sleeping with your door open may cause interruptions in your sleep, due to noise disturbances and uncomfortable changes in the temperature. Thank you for tuning in and love you a lot for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet, thus save the world! Now for the weather around the globe.

Australian state’s ambulance service releases app to help save lives.

Ambulance Victoria, from the state of New South Wales, has collaborated with GoodSAM, a free global smartphone app that will help speed up the time cardiac arrest patients can receive life-saving treatment. The moment a person has a heart attack, for each minute they go without CPR or defibrillation, their chances of surviving decreases by 10%. The app will be connected to the ambulance system and can send messages to those who know CPR, to direct them to the person in need. Way to go, New South Wales Ambulance Service and GoodSAM, on your joint endeavor to help save more people’s lives in your beautiful state. In the wisdom of the Divine, may all citizens take good care of their hearts by living in love and good health with the life-saving vegan diet.

Wearable technology firm develops gadget to prevent heat injuries.

In 2020, New York-based startup Kenzen launched a wearable device that monitors its owner’s physiological profile. The creators wanted to combat heat stress, a threat to many industrial workers like firefighters and manufacturers who have to endure high-temperature work environments. The smart personal protective equipment, called KENZEN, is worn around the upper arm to monitor the person’s body temperature, heart rate, sweat rate, and activity levels. When it detects that the body temperature is too high, an app will alert the worker to rest, drink water, and cool down for 15 minutes. KENZEN also applies machine learning algorithms to predict heat-related injuries before they happen, and managers can view a dashboard so they can intervene if necessary. Kudos, Kenzen, for producing this innovative solution to ensure workers’ safety. May more companies be compassion-centric to guard employees – their greatest asset, in God’s wise Guidance.

Eleven-year-old builds wheelchair for teacher’s dog-person companion.

Emmett Rychner of Northfield, Minnesota, USA, met Leonard, a nine-year-old rescued Dachshund mix, when his fifth-grade teacher, Dana Holden, brought the beautiful canine-person to class one day. Leonard had lost the ability to move his hind legs due to a tumor pressing against his spine. When Emmett noticed that Leonard could not walk, he decided to create a wheelchair for the lovable dog-person over the next few months, even adding front and rear lights for evening walks. Leonard can now walk easily, with his hind legs suspended above the wheels as his front legs pull him. Emmett said, “It feels amazing. I just love finally seeing him walk.” We applaud your empathy and loving spirit, innovative Emmett. May gorgeous Leonard enjoy many active joyful years with his beloved caregiver Dana Holden, in Heaven’s benediction. Vegan: r u brave enough 2 change?

Coming up, German city of Freiburg chooses to serve exclusively vegetarian meals at its school cafeterias. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the Divine intuition within, which is always present to guide us. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Heartwarming News for a Wondrous World.

German city chooses veg.

The city council of Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany, has voted to remove animal-people meat and fish from all state school cafeterias and introduce an exclusively vegetarian menu. State nurseries will also be included in the decision, which goes into effect in 2023. The scenic and historic university city is located in the Black Forest and is known as “the green city of Germany” for its environmental consciousness. The decision will have a significant, favorable influence on society and the environment, as the cafeterias serve some 500,000 meals per year to students. Meanwhile, the official Freiburg council website referenced the cost-saving benefits of switching to vegetarianism, in the face of rising food costs. Animal-people meat consumption in Germany has been steadily declining, with 2021 setting a new record low. Great work, Freiburg city council, and Germany! Your wise decisions lead the world to a future of harmony and sustainability, in Celestial grace.

Cat-person village established in the Philippines.

Rochelle Javier and Jeanie dela Rama, founders of the animal advocacy group “Cats of Lexington,” have built eleven waterproof houses, to provide food and shelter for stray cat-persons in the community of Lexington Garden in the city of Pasig. The highlight of the creation is “The Sleepy Kitty Bed and Breakfast,” which is the cat village’s center and main feeding station for the feline-guests. Other fun items include scratch posts, strung lights, cat totems, and comfortable padding within the temporary homes. Members of “Cats of Lexington” provide spay, neutering, and medical services to all cat-people in the village. Encouraging news, “Cats of Lexington,” for your kindhearted endeavor to shelter, feed, and protect the stray cat-people in your community. May all humans follow your example to safeguard our animal-person co-inhabitants, in Heaven’s abiding care.

Our amusement radar has just detected the joke of the day, so let’s get comfy. It’s entitled, “Always Follow the Rules.”

A judge in a courtroom was speaking to the defendant…

“OK. So, let me get your story straight. You stole because you didn’t have anything to eat. But why didn’t you just take the bread, instead of stealing the money from the cash drawer?”

“Yes, that’s right, your Honor. It was because I always follow an important rule: I have to pay for what I eat.”


And now we have a heartline from Yu-Ping in China:

Hallo, Supreme Master TV team, I’m very, very thankful to Master. Thank You for taking my parents to Heaven. This past January, my parents, both in their 90s, passed away about 10 hours of each other.

I’m writing this letter to express my gratitude to Master and the Supreme Master TV team. My parents had been vegan for three months before their passing. Two days before they passed, I brought them Master’s picture and an audio player with Master’s Buddha Chanting. Both my parents prayed to Master’s picture, “Master, please help and take us to Heaven. We don’t want to suffer anymore in this world. Please, please… please do take us to Heaven.”

Not long after I played Master’s Buddha Chanting, my mother said with surprise, “Wow! A lot of white smoke is coming out of the audio player, filling the entire room in no time.” This phenomenon lasted the whole day. Though not able to see it, I knew it was the Light that Master’s transcendental body brought from Heaven. The following day, my parents passed away peacefully. Their complexions looked very rosy, and their bodies were soft and warm, even after more than 10 hours. While dressing my father’s body, I said, “Dad, please stretch your arms a little bit when I put your clothes on.” He actually did that.

When I settled everything and sent my parents for cremation, their bodies were still soft, and their faces were still rosy. They looked so serene, even better than when they were sleeping while alive. All our relatives, friends, neighbors, and the staff who had been working at the crematorium for decades considered what they saw was incredible and miraculous. They said that they had never seen or encountered such a propitious phenomenon.

I am wholeheartedly grateful for our honorable Master’s help. Your merciful compassion toward all beings is most remarkable in the Universe and unique in the world. As long as we pray sincerely and keep the vegan diet, miracles will definitely happen. World Vegan, World Peace will definitely come. Your viewer, Yu-Ping from China

Deserving Yu-Ping, It was wonderful to read of the comfort Master bestowed on you and your beloved parents as they peacefully departed this world, enabling you and them to know they were well. We send our condolences. May you and the inspiring Chinese people always enjoy the warmth and joy of the Sun’s celestial embrace. In Universal wisdom, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has these reassuring words for you: “Mindful Yu-Ping, I am very pleased that you were able to witness the blessings of the Divine to your mother and father, including their departure to a higher realm. I know it can be hard to let go of dear ones but be happy as they are in a blissful place, surely far better than this troubled world. I send you much Love. Your parents are very grateful also for your filial loving assistance and way of benevolent living, thus earning them their liberation. May you and wholehearted China be forever surrounded by Buddha’s abundant Light.”

Vegan: cos we need somewhere 2 stay meanwhile.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May your days be filled with blessings and beautiful sunshine.

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