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Goodness Begets Goodness: Heaven Protects the Benevolent Medical Team that Cares for Those COVID-19 Infected

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Dear Beloved Master and Supreme Master Television team, In May 2020, I was posted to one dormitory as a registered nurse during the first peak of COVID-19 in Singapore. Foreign workers were the most severely affected group then as many were staying in rooms, each having 9-16 people. Due to governmental regulations, thousands were isolated in their rooms for about two full months.

A team of 100 medical staff and student volunteers plus myself decided to work together to provide some comfort and cheer to the workers and to observe the natural course of the disease. We thought that giving some prophylactic medicine or vitamins and care packs with love was better than nothing and actively monitored their serology COVID status. When requested, our loving Association members and local small vegan business owners prepared tasty vegan meals and snacks for the medical team daily for two weeks. Medical surgical masks with a flyer containing Supreme Master Television’s website were also given to all medical volunteers.

When test results were released, we were surprised that we were unknowingly in an infection hot zone, surrounded by about 2,000 COVID-positive patients who were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms for a month. Back then, the entire medical team was unvaccinated, yet none of us fell sick with COVID. My boss, who was an experienced surgeon and epidemiologist, termed this a “medical miracle” and said he felt “warm and fuzzy” inside. I knew it was only due to Master’s Blessings that we could accomplish so much safely and successfully, and for which I’m ever so grateful.

Recently, a student volunteer texted me to encourage me to watch the “Secret about COVID-19” video from Master, which indicated that our flyer did work. I was elated and touched.

I would like to thank our Beloved Master for the 200% protection of the entire team and for Her infinite Blessings and Love for all of us. This experience is a testament that a vegan diet truly protects us from COVID-19, even without vaccines and that goodness begets goodness. I hope that by sharing this story, everyone would become vegan now and help put the pandemic to a complete halt. With utmost joy and gratitude, Hui-Liang from Singapore

Diligent Hui-Liang, Your heartline shows how strong Master’s Blessing Power is and how “goodness begets goodness,” as you said. It is so true that we can overcome any challenges we face with the Divine Power within guiding the way for us. Thank you for being a force for good in the world and taking excellent care of the people around you while spreading Master’s message of World Vegan, World Peace. May you and bright Singapore always receive the Grace of Heaven, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master would like to share this message with you: “Loving Hui-Liang, the kindness of your heart really comes through your words. You and your team’s humble, unconditional caring intention focused on comforting and curing those COVID-19 infected touched Heavens to protect you all! It does not take much to change the world. Just being helpful and generous often has a profound impact on people and opens them to receive blessings from Heaven. I am sure what you did to make the patients feel better made a huge difference in their lives considering the circumstances. Keep spreading love and the vegan message, my dear, until the whole world has come to the righteous way of life. Thank you for being one of the many lights in the darkness! May you and the smart people of Singapore infinitely enjoy Heavenly bliss.”

“As regards your interest in Sant Mat and your desire for Initiation, I have to say that no compromise can be made as to a vegetarian diet. Renunciation of meat, fish, eggs and anything containing them, as well as alcoholic drinks, is a precondition.” ~ Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh Ji (vegetarian) 

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