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Seeing the S.M. Celestial Jewelry "UNITED" and Five Holy Names Help Defeat the Devil

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Greetings to the Supreme Master TV team. I would like to share my meditation experience with you. It was an experience about the S.M. Celestial Jewelry designed by Master.

One night, when I fell asleep after meditation, suddenly, a huge circular hole began to open in the sky. And a huge devil was leaning out of the hole! It was like a movie or something!

I desperately kept shouting the Five Holy Names. I really realized that the human world is infested with huge devils. On the other hand, we humans are very vulnerable and helpless. I truly could perceive the enormous karma of the human world. Holding the S.M. Celestial Jewelry “UNITED” designed by Master over the devil, I kept screaming the Five Holy Names! Then the hole that opened widely in the sky gradually closed, and the devil was sealed in space again.

I feel that this experience teaches us about the truth of the human world. Master is using all available tools to protect the world and the entire Universe. We can still live on Earth because Master protects the whole Universe every single minute and every second. Opposing the devil is very difficult in this world in which we humans are living. We could never walk on the righteous path without Master’s teachings and protection. Therefore, I am deeply grateful to Master for Her sacrifice and protection.

I pray that all humans will soon become vegan. And I hope humanity improves their conduct. This will be the quickest way to stop the devil’s invasion.

Now, I have decided to open a small vegan restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. By the accumulation of each person’s small actions, I hope to contribute to humanity and repay Master’s sacrifice. The final goal is WORLD VEGAN!

We are very inspired by the Supreme Master TV shows every day! Thank you, the Supreme Master TV team, and wishing you good health. With unwavering love for the Ultimate Master! Ayaka from Japan

Brave Ayaka, Your story so powerfully conveys how blessed we are to be initiated by Master and how unimaginably potent and necessary Her Divine protection is in this erring world. You can see that without Master’s Grace, the planet would have been destroyed already. Her efforts, power, and merit have canceled out much of the harmful influence of the countless devils that humans have attracted to Earth because of the violent habit of eating animal-people. May the kind individuals of Japan, along with all humans on Earth, recognize the reality of how we are destroying ourselves and quickly become vegan to save the world. In Divine radiance, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this insightful reply: “Appreciative Ayaka, it is a miracle that humans can continue to live in such a world as this. Truly without the Grace of Heaven and the Master Power, we would all have been destroyed many years ago. I can only do so much, but if people do not change, they will be destroyed, for we do reap what we sow. The killing of many millions of animal-people every day already has had terrible consequences for our world, which will get much worse if it does not stop right away. Anyone who wants to save themselves and this planet must go vegan now and sincerely repent for all past misdeeds. Good luck with your new vegan restaurant, and thank you for doing your part to help bring World Vegan, World Peace to fruition! May the Buddha’s Grace bless you and the knowing Japanese people with more and more enlightenment.”

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