Urme culturale în jurul lumii

Bermuda - A Happy Place to Be

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In today’s show, we will explore the history, culture, and natural wonders of Bermuda. Located in the North Atlantic off the east coast of North America, Bermuda is the oldest British colony. The water at beaches in Bermuda is always crystal-clear year round, making it a perfect relaxing destination for holiday vacations. Bermuda has a population of about 63,000 people, inheriting colorful cultures from descendants of mainly Native Americans, Africans, and Europeans, with a small percentage of Asians. Bermudians have a very distinct fashion sense, and the Bermuda shorts are renowned around the world. The people of Bermuda highly value social etiquette and are known for their good manners. The spirit of kindness and politeness is most exemplified by Mr. Johnny Barnes, a beloved figure in Bermuda. Mr. Barnes was a devout Christian. He credited the Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings on brotherly love as his inspiration. “Life is sweet, life is beautiful. No matter what happens in life, it is always sweet to be alive. Enjoy the sunshine, the flowers, the birds - they're happy.” Bermudians love nature and are avid wildlife conservationists. It is the biodiversity of Bermuda that makes it a truly special place. From old English ceremonies, to art festivals, concerts, and holidays, Bermudians embrace any chance to celebrate. In a culture of festivities, dancing and music is an essential part of everyday life. Bermuda music is a contributing factor to the overall Caribbean music genre. The Gombey dance is a symbol of Bermudan culture. One of the most notable events in Bermuda is the Gombey Festival, a celebration of African-Bermudan culture that usually takes place in September or October. Weekly events known as Harbor Nights are also held in Hamilton to showcase local musicians and performers. Every Wednesday night on Front Street, from May to October, outdoor arts and crafts are displayed. As if a testament to the colorful culture of Bermuda and its happy people, the majority of the artworks are bright water-color paintings inspired by the island’s vibrant hues of life.
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