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Positive Changes in Countries Part 15 - Honorable Governments, Honorable Citizens: Costa Rica, the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, and Croatia

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Costa Ricans are friendly, easygoing and happy people. Costa Rica has opened its borders with loving arms to neighboring refugees in need. In addition, many far-sighted environmental policies have been put in place, coupled with expanded agriculture and the modernization of the nation. It has long been recognized as the greenest and happiest country in the world. Animal welfare in Costa Rica has also seen a great leap! The benevolent law symbolizes the loving kindness of Costa Ricans toward animals. One of the essential improvements undertaken by Côte d'Ivoire was its Emergency Infrastructure Renewal Project. Launched in 2012, this development has brought water and electricity to many homes. There have been many other positive changes in Côte d'Ivoirer in recent years, such as education and teacher training for women. A special focus is being placed on science and technology for women. Plant-based farming has become a staple for farmers in Côte d'Ivoire. Apart from its diverse and natural splendor, Croatia has been a beacon of light in both humanitarian and animal rights. As a European Union transit country for traveling refugees, Croatia has insisted on keeping its borders open for free passage as well as providing shelter and assistance for those with health issues. Croatia further extends its compassion toward animals. In early 2017, Croatia joined the Fur Free Alliance and implemented a full ban on fur farming. With a growing awareness of animal rights across the country, Croatia is also becoming more vegan-friendly.
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