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The COP27 International Volunteer Team Share Incredible Experiences and Blessings from Heaven

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Dear Beloved Supreme Master and hardworking Supreme Master TV team, Thank you for this year’s COP27. We are 63 disciples who were lucky enough to visit the vast, sunny land of Egypt, presenting the vegan solution. At the UN there were so many nationalities, and we came from many countries too, the USA, the Netherlands, Âu Lạc (Vietnam), Germany, Hungary, Singapore, Taiwan (Formosa), Korea, France, Iran, and the UK!

It was truly a miracle to have such a big team volunteering on just 2.5 weeks’ notice. The world seemed to have heard Your urgent call. We certainly did and felt a strong urge to come. And we certainly enjoyed it when we came!

You have been showing us Your guidance, support and Blessings from the beginning till the end. You assisted us by sending helpers, and watched over us by sending Heavenly and animal-people protection. There are so many stories that we cannot tell everything.

In one of our accommodations, we had great meditation seats in Bedouin style, and we could turn on Supreme Master TV on a big screen 24/7. Another nice touch of Your presence occurred when a sun ray shone so accurately on Your magazine photo when we were about to depart to COP27 on the first day. What a nice way to be reminded that Master is always with us!

In total, we had three teams. One team gave out goodie bags containing vegan chocolate, ballpoint pens, recipe booklets, and “Love Is The Only Solution” books inside the UN area. Another team chanted slogans at the entrance, and provided the attendees with vegan meals, vegan cakes and cookies as well as goodie bags. And ultimately, the heart of our team was the international kitchen team. They cooked Taiwanese (Formosan), Aulacese (Vietnamese) and Korean cuisine. We and so many attendees at COP were spoiled so much by them!

Our outside team was indulged by Your care and that of other Deities. The Wind and Sun Godses especially shielded us from the blazing Sun and blew our banners in all the right directions, so we had an easy time holding them and having them so strategically arranged that all the camerapersons could take the best pictures and videos! Not only were our bodies blessed by great weather but even our eyes got gifts! We saw the radiant, pearly whites of people’s smiles and also a pinkish-purplish light that blended with golden strips of light traveling like waves all around graced our gazes. Heavens sent us a rainbow to boost our motivation! Even though there was no rain, there was a big, circular rainbow around the Sun. The atmosphere seemed so Heavenly and joyful for those two weeks. Even a UFO showed itself in broad daylight!

The outside and inside teams got to meet many dignitaries and interviewed many people that supported the vegan solution, said thanks, ate heartily, and gave us a thumbs up!

As for our ears, we could play vegan songs on a loudspeaker, and also Masters songs like 'Go Go Go' the whole day! What a blessed joy! We had a daily party, singing and dancing to vegan songs and Master’s songs, making it hard for attendees and police officers not to grin or dance too.

As for our bellies, we graciously shared our kitchen skills. Every day we could distribute 600-800 free vegan meals and mouth-watering vegan chocolate cakes! People kept coming back for more!

As for our brains, You also let a brother initiate see his past life and explain to us why we had enough affinity to see this marvelous event! This brother, who likes to wear a chicken-person hat, saw his past life as a soldier who worked for Prophet Moses. Excitedly, he shared with us that we were part of 70 soldiers who protected Prophet Moses when He had to escape a murder attempt by His adopted brother Ramses, and indeed Prophet Moses was a Master in Ancient Egypt.

Invigorated by this story, we felt even more blessed to have the affinity to come to this event and serve in this wonderful, blessed land. You have given us assistance, tools, and inspiration to be Vegan Heroes.

On the last day of COP27, 18 November, we were once more witnesses of Master’s wonders, when we were allowed to share our Beloved Master’s speech in the Golden Land of Egypt. So many keen viewers wanted to join the audience that we didn’t have enough seating! To respect the huge audience, the organizers played it again so fewer people had to be standing outside. Master’s message really touched the hearts of the Egyptians. They came and gave thanks, taking flyers and asking to take pictures. Our other accommodations manager, Abdol, also showered us with big support, promising to start the first vegan hotel in the future, going vegan himself, and thanking Master.

Thank You very much, Beloved Master, for showering us with so many teachings and Blessings. We love You so much and cannot express enough gratitude to befit Your Grace for the world and us. Sending wishes for Master’s health, happiness, protection, supportive friends, everlasting inner and outer beauty. Humbly, COP27 international team

Inspired COP27 international team, We are so glad to hear of your incredible experiences and all the many Blessings from Heaven you received while doing this significant work to share the vegan solution with the COP27 participants. We pray that everyone you encountered was inspired to become vegan so they can save themselves. May you and the entire planet receive enlightened Wisdom and Grace from Heaven, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this loving message for you: “Dearest souls, thank you for answering the call and traveling far from home to participate in this important international event. The miracles you witnessed show how so many beings in Heaven and on Earth are working together to awaken humanity to the noble way of life to help save it from destruction. Your generous spirit of selfless service was richly rewarded with many miracles and Heaven’s loving support, which shows you clearly how great life could be if we worked with Heaven. I pray many people become vegan as a result. Thank you for working to help make the world a vegan Paradise. May you and all Earth’s inhabitants bask forever in the Love of God.”

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