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To Become True Superheroes Helps Save the World

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Dear Beloved Master, Since young, like many others, I often fancied superheroes in movies or comics, who have special powers, abilities, or strengths. But today, I just realized that there are so many REAL superheroes around that I was unaware of before. Those are enlightened Masters like You, who forsake many Powers to come down into this physical realm to uplift the people’s consciousness. The superheroes list also includes many Supreme Master TV Saints, who work around the clock to keep our positive and enlightening channel live worldwide. They look so normal from the outside, but are so strong and bold inside to sacrifice their personal lives to do the Heavenly work. Our other initiates are superheroes as well, because they are the most courageous citizens on this planet, who fight tirelessly for our animal friends and encourage others to adopt the compassionate plant-based diet.

I really hope that all people, especially animal-people meat eaters, are aware of their responsibility for the current dangerous situation of the world. I wish their hearts will open and be filled with love for our weaker, voiceless animal-people brothers and sisters, and for themselves. We do not need superpowers or violence to change the world or stop the wars. All we need is to turn vegan and break free from this circle of suffering, to be superheroes now, and it starts very simply from our plate.

I pray to Heaven for Your protection 24/7 from all the negative forces; and I pray to God to make Your dream for a vegan world soon come true. Your loving disciple, Aiden from Canada

Clever Aiden, We appreciate your kind words and your generous spirit.

Master would like to share Her Love with you through this message: “Loving Aiden, thank you, my dear, for your genuine message. My heart is touched by your sincerity and love. Like yourself, I am also very grateful and thankful to all the unsung heroes of this world. May they be blessed forever. The world has many true superheroes in it who have already helped save the world from the destruction that would have already taken place if not for their efforts. Your initiated brothers and sisters also contribute, through their diligent spiritual practice, as well as their work for noble endeavors like Supreme Master Television, their advocacy for the animal-people, and their caring vegan lifestyle. May more and more individuals transform their lives and join the efforts to create a Paradise on Earth by following our loving example. May God bless you and all of friendly Canada with Divine favor.”

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