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The Extra-terrestrial Help the Earth Survive: Minimize Viral Damage and Offer the Best Way to Save the Earth

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While meditating at 4 am one morning, suddenly I saw Le-Le, the extra-terrestrial whom I knew before, who was as tall as a five-year-old boy. He was sitting in a spaceship of about two square meters, saying hallo to me. It’s the second time that he came to my home. The first time, he showed up in the front yard of my house, and this time he appeared above where I was meditating.

Seeing him, I asked, “Do you still know me, Le-Le?” He said, “Yes.” Then I asked, “Is there anything you want to do this time? Or just passing by?” He said that he was here to help Earth. I asked him how many of them had come. He said there were 2,000 spaceships this time. I asked if there was any way to save the Earth. He replied that the color of Earth has changed to a dangerous color — light gray with spots, with some parts even in dark gray with spots. The original color was green with brightness.

I asked, “Is there anything I can do for you?” He said, “If you want to restore the Earth to its original state, the whole world must be vegan, which is the only and best solution. Spread the news on a massive scale and call forth all workable means and might that you have. This time we’re circling the entire Earth once every minute, sprinkling granule-like substances which turn into powder when approaching the Earth to protect the air from further contamination, so that beings can have fresh air to breathe. This way, we minimize the damage of the viral mutation; otherwise, hundreds of millions of beings would die.”

I asked, “Is it true what you’ve just said?” He said, “It’s true. We’ll go home after we circle the Earth three times. The mission will be completed in three minutes.” I asked him how high they were above the Earth, and he said from 10,000 meters to 30,000 meters.

I hope that the UN can urge government dignitaries of all countries, and that the presidents can take the lead to adopt the vegan diet and extensively spread the message to alert people in the world to quickly adopt the vegan lifestyle. Humankind, please think again! Xin-Liang from China

Earnest Xin-Liang, How blessed we are to have the protective support of beings from other planets. We thank you for relaying this experience in meditation. The unconditional Love and Buddha Power our Beloved Master continually radiates to save life on Earth is felt throughout the Universe, and we pray that Master is kept safe and that Her Divine Grace may soon see a vegan Paradise on Earth. Master has stated how “if all humans become loving VEGAN now, the pandemic disappears, the climate is regulated and peace will be here.” May the Heavens continue to help all, including you and the fine Chinese people, to always hold a pure heart. In Celestial peace, Supreme Master TV team

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