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Jessica Diamond (vegan): The Vibrant Fusion Electric Violinist

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The energetic violin piece titled “You Don’t Know Better” was composed and performed by the talented London-based vegan violinist Jessica Diamond, who creates her own brand of string music with a modern flair that surprises and excites her audiences. Also known as a “Bollywood violinist,” Jessica frequently plays at weddings, parties, and corporate events.

“And then I sort of branched off into wanting to do Pop music and write music. And I get that warm, classical wooden sound, but electrified. I was always calling to the Universe that I really wanted a unique sound. And so when I electrified my violin and put it through this board, it just totally changed the color of my instrument. So it took, I think, about six years to find my sound, and I’m finally pleased and happy with where I am with music.” “I wanted to be a violinist that was different. So I was trying to think out of the box, hence why I revamped Bach’s D minor, with these drumbeats, and this thick baseline, to modernize it. And it makes it so much more fun to play.”

Jessica’s music repertoire includes Indian Bollywood music as well. “So I ended up doing a collaboration with a singer. And it snowballed. I just started playing for Indian weddings. The Eastern scale is obviously completely different to Western scales. And that's the challenge, and I enjoy a challenge.” Following her first 2015 album, “Spiral Reflections,” which features her futuristic solo performances, Jessica released her second album, “Reflections,” in 2020, which consists of dynamic, dramatic compositions that are suitable for TV and film.

“I turned vegan about six years ago. However, I turned vegetarian when I was ten years old. And then, six years ago, my dad turned vegan before me. And he told me what happens to cows with dairy. I’ve just gone over 10,000 followers on my Bollywood page on Instagram. And there I post weekly vegan messages. So this is a real big chance, I feel, for humans to gain that connection and go vegan.”
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