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Caring Advice from Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: Do some good research about your pet friends to protect them

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Hallo, cheerful friends, how are you today? I’m Aki, a vegan peacemaker from the Shiba Inu kingdom! Treading the compassionate vegan path makes my life soar, and it’s such an enchanting way to live. You just gotta experience it with me! 
Today, I’m happy to share a tip from Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Hallo treasures. It’s very kind of you to want to adopt a pet friend. However, you’d better do some good research about the particular one(s) that you feel an affinity with as they are non-human people and have different needs than ours, so that both of you will happily accompany each other. For example: dog-people should not eat human food the way we do. Too salty is one thing, and though chocolate is good for you, it’s not for dog-people. Apple seeds are also a no no! And as most pet-people love to eat from your hand, or and their favorite food or snack, do not overfeed. Eating more is not good for them as they tend to get sick later in life. Just like us humans, they are allotted only so much food and or necessities during their sojourn on Earth. Too much extra will cost them their peace / comfort and health sooner or later. Though you want to give any time out of love, it is better to be cautious and take advice from a vet if needed. Be their good and protective friend. God loves you kids.” 
And we love You too! Our gratitude, Supreme Master Ching Hai, for this caring advice. Thank you for your attention. And love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet, thus save the world! 
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