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The Bold Confidence of the Striped Skunk

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Our striped skunk family is native to North America, ranging from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans. We always nest less than 3 kilometers from water. Although we can’t see very well because we are nocturnal and our eyes lack nictating membranes, our ability to smell and hear are exceptional.

We normally live alone and although we like to only come out at night, we sometimes stay out looking for food until just before sunrise. When it gets cold in November or December, it’s time for us to go into hibernation so that we can sleep through the winter. Did you know that striped skunks are considered the geniuses in the skunk family? I can proudly say that we are very smart and can adapt quickly to our environment and food source changes.

Despite our scientific name being Mephitis, which means “bad odor,” we only ever use this method as a last resort. Believe me, we prefer not to use this defensive method because it takes us about ten days to completely recharge our scent glands, leaving us vulnerable during this time.

Did you know that we can communicate with each other from afar? Not only between us, but also with other animals as well. Supreme Master Ching Hai told this story on Supreme Master Television about Ny, a prince in the skunk kingdom. “The skunk was so beautiful. He has a white stripe from his head all the way to his tail, and then he has also the white thing on his toes.” Master offered the royal skunk prince some vegan dog food which he gratefully accepted. “‘It’s getting colder now and wet, poor skunk, almost crawling way…’ ‘Second time, he was few meters away in the dark, only his eyes glow in the night, shimmering, shining at me, with such pureness, while telling me the message for my safety. Love him so much. Wish him well. But feel sorry for his lot. Oh God, all the creatures on… Earth suffer, one way or another. No escape. When will this all end? Make paradise on Earth quick. OK?’ That’s what I said.” Master told Ny not to eat anything that was still alive, so She could take him with Her after his life ended.

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