Schimbări pozitive în ţări

Positive Changes in Countries Part 27 – Harmonious Governments, Harmonious Citizens: Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary

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Reserve on land, Honduras is a world-renowned biodiversity hotspot. Since 2018, at least 60% of our total national electricity is now derived from renewable sources. And in 2019, Honduras was part of an eight-country pledge to preserve the Five Great Forests of Mesoamerica, one of which is the Moskitia.

Hong Kong, has had the honor of being visited by our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. “Hong Kong is the most blessed – it has everything. All the best and the most unusual things come to Hong Kong. This means that the Hong Kong people are especially blessed by God.” The new law imposes stronger penalties for ivory smugglers, with the maximum prison time increased from two to 10 years, and fines doubled to $1.3 million. The plant-based diet is also rising quickly in Hong Kong. The American companies Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and JUST, chose Hong Kong for the launch of their vegan burger and vegan egg products.

In 2005, during a meditation retreat, Master shared Her insights about the inner strength of the Hungarian people. “Nobody makes goulash as good as the Hungarians. They used to be nomads. Survival. They are very strong, united people.” Today, Hungary has 39 wind farms in operation, along with an expansion of installed solar power capacity from 2 MW in 2010 to 2 GW in 2020. With 41% of Hungarian rail lines already converted to electric, delivery of another 50 battery-electric trains is planned by 2029. In November 2020, Hungary banned fur farming of minks, foxes, polecats, ferrets and coypu, after a number of mink farms in the US and Europe tested positive for COVID-19. In Budapest alone, over 50 vegan or vegetarian eateries are listed in HappyCow.com, offering delicious veggie dishes and plant-based Hungarian classics.

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