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Selections of Mystic Verses of Tulsi Sahib (vegetarian), Saint of Hathras, Part 1 of 2 – Satsang

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Born in India in the 18th Century, Param Sant Tulsi Sahib showed very early interest in spiritual life. Rather than accept a position of royalty in his family, He departed from home in pursuit of meditation practice and became fully realized soon after. In poetry and other writings, Param Sant Tulsi Sahib described the brilliance and penetrating wisdom of the inner life. At the same time, He emphasized that a living Master is necessary to access this direct connection with the Kingdom of God. In writing about spiritual upliftment, Param Sant Tulsi Sahib recounted His own experience of the inner Heavenly Light and Sound. Moreover, He said that all Saints’ teachings shared this same path to the Divine within, along with instructions on how to attain it. We will now share with you, “Selections of Mystic Verses of Tulsi Sahib (vegetarian), Saint of Hathras.” Satsang (Sacred Gathering with a Realized Master) “Tulsi Sahib: ‘Listen, O brother, I shall try to explain the truth to you. The soul left her Home on the day of Creation; Birth after birth she gathered the rust of karmas. As rust eats into iron, as worms eat into wood. As a sharp sword becomes blunt through corrosion. As hail gets lost in water, so has the soul lost its luster. The terrible law of karma is formidable; the mind rides the soul; Servile to the senses, the mind roams recklessly. Mind and soul have been firmly knotted together. The unclean mind has lost discernment and understanding. Tell me, how can it ever know what satsang is? He who is illiterate and ignorant, and tries to read a book. What effect can its meaning have, when he knows not the alphabet? It is thus that they remain in the company of Saints; They keep their minds engrossed in food and greed. So long as their minds relish such pleasures. They continue to remain in the association of Saints; Never do they understand the Saints’ way and technique. How then can they ever hope to perceive the Truth? Who eat to their heart’s fill, who sleep for long hours. Who indulge in idle gossip, who control not the wayward mind. Their minds, from countless births, are like tangled yarns. Who can ever disentangle such twisted yarn? Such a one should work hard, or surrender to the Master. Either he should do spiritual practice or seek his Master’s shelter.’” The Master’s Philanthropy “Oh think thou deeply and deliberate; Without the guidance of a Master The way cannot ever be found. He will dye thee in satsang’s color. Take thy soul to regions celestial. And reveal the firmament within. If thou desirest to revel In realms spiritual within thine own self, None will help thee except the Saints. In a short moment wilt thou depart, And thy body be reduced to dust. Thy Master alone, O Tulsi, will show The entrance back to thy Home.”
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