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Mushroom Tofu & Chayote Soup

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Today, we joyfully present Supreme Master Ching Hai’s “Mushroom Tofu & Chayote Soup.” “Today, we’re going to cook something very simple and easy. OK, we need mushrooms, coriander, pocket tofu, a sweet pepper, one piece of tofu, and chayote. And we need for seasoning: paprika, mushroom seasoning, Maggi or soya sauce.” “I’m going to cook with it now. To begin with, you crumble this tofu. You use your hand to squash it into a very fine kind of substance.” “Whatever we have here, we chop them.” “You put some water into this pot, about half of the pot. Half of that Medium-sized pot, and I’m going to turn the oven on maximum and let it boil. You can already add a little salt in it.” “You can even put soya sauce in already, about one tablespoon. And you put one teaspoon or half of a tablespoon of mushroom seasoning and leave it there. You put half a tablespoon of brown sugar and let it boil.” “All you do is put everything in a pot." "And now, I put all this in as well, the pepper and the chayote. That’s it. Stir a little bit and let it continue boiling for just five more minutes.” “You can use some oil, put it in the pan, like two tablespoons is fine.” “So we better put the mushroom in already." "And stir it a little.” “You just fry the mushroom for like one or two minutes, and then you put the tofu in.” “Now I put the coriander in the Tofu Mushroom.” “Now I put a little bit more Maggi or soya sauce, depends on what you like.” “Now it’s done. Very simple, nutritious, aromatic, healthy, and appetizing.”
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