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Veganismo: A Maneira Nobre de Viver

Dr. John McDougall (vegan) on the Natural Diet of Humans, P 2 of 2

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Let’s hear how Dr. McDougall and his foundation work to reach the people who need to hear this crucial message. “The foundation is dedicated to trying to convince the rest of the world that we need to make these changes, not only for personal health, but to save the planet, because what scientists tell us is, that even if everybody converts off of fossil fuel, it's not going to be enough. We've got to fix the food. Planet Earth has to become a population of people who eat the human diet. The human diet is a starch-based diet.”

“The first thing I want to make clear to you is, everything you need to know is free on my website, There are probably 800 recipes. There's a meal plan. There's a 12-day program, right there free, you can have it. There are articles on breast cancer and diabetes and weight, all free. So, you know, you don't really have to join us to get the benefits. It's all there.”

Let’s hear Dr. McDougall explain the science of why the plant-based diet provides the most protection from COVID-19. “So what's been discovered is that when people are trim, and especially when they're trim, because they ate a really good diet, a starch-based diet, they have a rather mild disease and that's been a discovery all over the world.

So here you are, you've got this multi-facet win with the right diet, you can cure high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, constipation, arthritis, etc. You can save the planet. And if you have the misfortune of getting infected with this coronavirus, you're going to have a good chance of surviving, you know, and there are things you can control. You can't control your age, but you can control your physical health. And that's just a matter of stopping the food poisoning. It's the food!”

Dr. John McDougall’s presentation on food poisoning at his website is presented in 24 different languages and dialects. So, if you have friends, family or acquaintances who don’t yet follow Dr. McDougall’s wholesome vegan diet, please visit for more information.
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