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The Magical Book, Part 1 of 4

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Once upon a time, there was a country called Thiên Ân. The King of Thiên Ân had no prince but only a princess whose name was Ngọc Đan, and today she was then 16 years old. Knowing that he was getting old and weak, the King wanted to relinquish his crown to Princess Ngọc Đan. But Ngọc Đan was only interested in amusement, not in the royal court affairs. The King, therefore, was very worried and decided to seek advice from a yogi.

“I have this magic book that I would like to offer to Your Majesty. (What does this mean?) Your Majesty, this wordless book will help Her Royal Princess more than any other book. Of course, Her Royal Princess will need a trusted company. And if Your Majesty would allow, Sir Chamberlain is very suited for this task.”

“O magical book, reveal your wisdom to me!” “What is this place? I can’t understand why would my Royal Father listen to that silly yogi? So what are we going to do now, Sir Chamberlain? (Let’s walk ahead and see.) Don’t even know where we’re going! So frustrating! (I only know that when we will return, we shall return.) Isn’t it funny? Leaving home and not knowing when you will return! Huh!”

“What are you doing? (Cut the throat of this chicken-person!) Why do you cut her throat? (How do you get chicken-person meat to eat, otherwise?) Stop it! I don’t want to eat her! Besides, the chicks will be very sad losing their mother.”

“The humans are inherently very compassionate and loving. It’s just they have been misled. They have not been informed since long time and the bad habit, the negative information, has already been ingrained into their way of life. So they have been mislead very, very badly. So now we have to inform them again, remind them again, that it is not the way we should live our life. The way we should live our life is with love, compassion, and peace with all beings including animal-people.”

“You throw this book away! I don’t want to see it again!” “Who are you? (I am the genie of the book. Don’t waste your effort trying to destroy the book. You will be the next ruler. That is your destiny. I hope you will be a wise Queen to bring benefits to all.)”
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Episod  1 / 4
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