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Testmonies: Another example of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Divine Power - A Living Master can save all redeemable souls

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Hallo, Beautiful Master, During meditation, I learned that a friend of mine many years ago had committed suicide in a very bad way. Her soul came to tell me in tears that she didn’t know what to do and where to go, saying that she had not earned any meritorious rewards when she was alive and didn’t learn what to do after death either. The only thing she could do is to hide herself under the table all the time, feeling very frightened and helpless.

I told her to recite “Supreme Master Ching Hai” with me. As soon as she pronounced the words “Ching Hai,” we saw flowers rain and a large ray of light cast down from the sky and heard sweet music. She was overwhelmed by such beautiful scenery. We hugged each other to bid farewell. Her soul then followed the light and flew up.

I told her that she should go first and I would go up as well when it’s my time, and she should remember Supreme Master Ching Hai all the time. After that, during my meditation, I would see her presenting an ocean of various amazingly beautiful flowers in Heaven to make me happy. Seeing her so happy, I also felt very contented.

Master, thank You for Your incredible power. You are so great and extraordinary. You give us the Divine Quan Yin Method out of Your compassion, and we cannot find words to describe this enormous Grace. This is the greatest treasure in the world; it is more valuable than all of the jewelry in this mundane world. Thank You, I love You forever. Respectfully, Hsin-Ya from Taiwan (Formosa)

Caring Friend Hsin-Ya, Thank you for your heartline. Our hearts sing as we read yet another example of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Divine Power. May Buddha Bless you, your loved ones, and the splendid Taiwanese (Formosan) people.

Master responds with these kind words: “Gentle Hsin-Ya, it is heartening that your friend is blessed by Divine Power and now in a better place and happy. I send you a warm embrace, and may you and picturesque Taiwan (Formosa) know the freedom and joy of Heaven’s boundless Grace.”
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