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World Day for Farmed Animals: The Life All Animals Wish For, Part 1 of 2

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Today, October 2nd is World Day for Farmed Animals. On this day, attention is drawn to the abuse and mass exploitation of animals for food and other uses. It is estimated that more than 70 billion cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and other innocent animals are raised and slaughtered each year. Let’s hope this annual day of remembrance serves as a wake-up call for humanity to understand the suffering of these animals and help to put an end to this barbaric industry. These animals are all needlessly forced to endure tremendous pain, torment and death just to provide meat, eggs and dairy foods for humans, food that makes them sick and makes us suffer.

Animal factories are large industrial operations where humans breed, raise and kill large numbers of animals to turn into food just to please their palates. Most of these animals never see the sun or the sky, or feel the grass beneath their feet. They are kept prisoners for their entire lives, even though they have done nothing wrong. The entire purpose of the animal livestock industry is to turn animals into food as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible, in order to maximize profits. Animals are treated simply as a commodity, like manufactured goods, while we endure unbearable agony and misery.

There are so many issues with these inhumane industries. Humans are not only taking the precious lives of animals, but also harming themselves, their countries and the planet. That road leads to self-destruction! Yes, one of the many problems created by the animal factories, meat consumption, or both, is zoonotic diseases that have killed many, like the Spanish Flu, AIDS, Ebola, Avian Influenza, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Mad Cow Disease, and even COVID-19. There will be more pandemics if humans don’t stop eating animals. Another risk to society from animal factories is antibiotic resistant infections.

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