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“Why Vegan?” Interview with Anna Bonifert (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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“This is Kitti. She is about two and a half years old. She was rescued from a small garden, where she was bred to be sold, and then used for her eggs, and at the end she would have been slaughtered. I had a rescued chicken before Lotti, and we wanted to get a companion for Lotti, so we got Kitti.” “It happened that Lotti became very sick and died in the summer, and Kitti could not really get over Lotti’s death. And that is why eventually she became an indoor chicken. When Lotti was very sick, she was sitting on the sofa for many weeks, and Kitti was sitting with her and did not leave her side. First, people would not even believe how sensitive these little beings are.” “She was sitting beside Lotti, and she did not leave for many days; she only ate what I took there for her. She was cleaning Lotti’s feathers because Lotti could not do it for herself anymore. And it was the saddest thing when we finally buried Lotti. Kitti would not leave the sofa.”

“I would like to write an article about how many empty gardens there are. When I take my dogs here for a walk, I see a lot of nice gardens, and they are so empty. And each one of those could house three to four chickens, two geese, and a couple of cats. This way everybody could adopt animals, and life would be much more beautiful.”

“By the way, I have a very important lecture, which is for the vegans. It is called ‘Being at Peace with a Non-Vegan World.’ You can watch it on YouTube. It is about how not to make war with each other. Because conflict never really has any winner. In my opinion, it is very important that we turn towards non-vegans with help instead of making them feel guilty or being angry at them.” “How could we not be angry about all the things that people do to animals? But this anger does not bring the world forward. We need to work on it inside, so we don’t communicate out of anger, but rather out of love and help.”

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Episod  2 / 2
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