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Into the World of Rescue Animals with Ms. Leslie Crawford (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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“First, there was Wilbur… …then came Babe. And now… Sprig the Rescue Pig! Our hero starts this adventure tale on a truck bound for nowhere good… But this little pig escapes! ‘Run, Sprig, Run!’ Sprig discovers what it means to be a pig… …and meets a girl named Rory, and her mom.” What we just watched is a short introduction about a wonderful children’s book “Sprig the Rescue Pig” written by Ms. Leslie Crawford from San Francisco, USA.

An experienced journalist and editor, Ms. Crawford also wrote another book “Gwen the Rescue Hen.” An animal lover, Ms. Crawford is a vegan and lives with her companions, Bix the dog, four pigeons and eight chickens, all of whom are rescues. Her books show us how amazing the animals are and why they deserve to be treated like family and friends.

"Sprig the Rescue Pig" is Ms. Crawford’s first book. What kind of message is Ms. Crawford trying to convey through this story? “It was the idea to reach both children and their parents in a very gentle way to talk about, (and) really look at, who a pig is, a pig is not bacon or ham, and get to know this animal in a deeper way than maybe some children's stories do. Really this is as much as it's possible.”

Pigs are so adorable. We wish all pigs in this world are safe and loved. Ms. Crawford shares with us the future world she envisions. “I can see that world so easily. That world is where we all really see each other with compassion and that we don't look at a plant or an animal or a person as something that's in service to us, but that we are all interested in their goodwill and giving them a good life just as we want.”

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