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The Magic School Bus

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It’s an American-Canadian animated children’s TV series, based on the book series by Ms. Joanna Cole and Mr. Bruce Degen. The first Magic School Bus was written in 1985 followed by another a year later. Since then, Ms. Cole has written over 250 books, and “The Magic School Bus” book series have sold more than 93,000,000 copies in 13 countries! How amazing! Each book took Mr. Degen and Ms. Cole over a year to produce and finalize. The TV series “The Magic School Bus” was originally shown from 1994 to 1997. It was among the highest-rated PBS shows for school-age children.

What’s intriguing about this series is that before the end of each show, you hear the short song, “Is This the Magic School Bus?” Then “the Producer” appears to answer all your curious questions about the episode. “It’s a substance called ‘carotene’ that your body can’t get rid as fast as other food colors.” “So, you mean if I eat too much food with carotene. I would turn orange? Like Arnold?”

Imagine if you get to experience all the wild and cool trips with your friends in school. “A field trip!” “Welcome to outer space, class! The only planetarium open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And how are all my astronauts doing?” “We’re weightless!” Ms. Frizzle encourages her students to explore and learn while having fun doing it. Who wouldn’t love a cool teacher with a shape-shifting Magic School Bus? A new series called “The Magic School Bus Rides Again” was released on Netflix in 2017. We hope “The Magic School Bus” will answer some of your questions and help you understand nature better. Hence, in the future, you can invent something that is beneficial to humanity.

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