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Visionary Artist Elen Ture (vegan): Creating for Animal Liberation and the Planet, Part 1 of 2

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Elen Ture is a self-taught painter from Anatolia of Western Asia and Turkey. Her commitment to animal liberation and environmental protection is evident in her inspiring artworks. Born in Paris, France, in 1977, Elen graduated from the Atelier des Peintres en Decors (Decorative Painters’ Workshop) in Montmartre and began her successful career as an artist in 2012. 
“I was a vegetarian when I was nine years old. I was convinced that eating an animal was just not right. For me, it wasn’t a ‘normal’ thing. I’m over 40, and I’m doing pretty well, I must say. I went totally vegan because when I saw what milk is about six years ago, notably with L214, I stopped right away.” 
“I have one of my frescoes called ‘The Forgotten Ones.’ I went to the Museum of Anthropology in Paris to make this famous fresco, which tells of the suffering of fish, because they are simply forgotten. You can’t see how they suffer. It takes them eight hours to die when out of water. We don’t kill them right away. It's terrible to see that man has come to this point – to the point of destroying all life forms on this Earth without any scruples, without any heart after all, and without respect for life itself. Now to paint, you must have this form of spirituality, in which you have to be free in your head, in your body, and in your stomach. We can’t eat just anything.” 
“I paint animals a lot, but differently; in fact, I sublimate them. I sublimate the animal! The animal has quite strong expressions, very close to the human, after all. If you add arms to a fish, it changes everything. We wouldn’t want to eat the fish.” “You have to have that vision, actually, to be able to paint, to understand that this suffering, the fish can’t express it. But maybe I, as a painter, I can show it to others and create this awareness.” “With art, I think that anyone who can paint can raise awareness amongst people about the animal cause in their own way.”
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