Tra Maestra e discepoli

Always Have Respect for the Master, Part 5 of 5

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He knew a family was holding a banquet down the mountain and anybody could go and eat. He wanted to go and get some food. His Master didn’t want to go. The Master picked some wild fruits, big and small fruits, and ate them in the mountain forest. But the disciple went to that place. Do you remember? (Yes.) It was a banquet held by a rich family to celebrate the birth of a baby. It was a huge party.

After the place was fixed, you stayed there for two nights. Two nights or two days? (Two days.) Only two days? Oh! Never mind. Some stayed for three days. Maybe some for two days. My God! You’re truly very dear disciples. When you write to Master, you say, “Dear Master,” right? Now I should write to you and say, “Dearest disciples.” It’s not “Dear” Master. Dear disciples. Dear means “expensive.” Dear means “treasured.” You’re truly very expensive. Now we’re here, we’ve started new projects to build more toilets and bathrooms for you, and set up tents according to the law, the big tents. So, if there are too many people, you can stay under the roof, under the canopy, so you won’t get wet from the rain. Here we’re not afraid that it will be cold, right? How are the evenings? (Good.) It’s good as long as it doesn’t rain. I don’t know how many days we can stay here. This morning I was very frustrated.

It’s OK, the translation? Because it’s too loud and near. You can hear? OK. You do both, it’s easier to hear both. Oh, OK, OK. What was I talking about? I’ve forgotten. I don’t know how long we will stay. I’ll stay as long as possible. I don’t care. The Kaohsiung initiates are very quick. I don’t know why my phone is so relaxed. They’re very quick. I asked only a few days ago and we already have several tents. They did it right away. They acted as quickly as they could. Very quick. Tents arrived in just a few days. Today they’ve started to set them up. Did you see them? (Yes.) Perhaps they’ll be ready tomorrow.

If the Kaohsiung initiates come, we let them sit outside the main hall, OK? It’s OK for us to sit here. They’ve been sitting here for many years. It’s not a problem for them. It’s your turn to sit here, right? We won’t be shy, OK? You see, out there some people are working with the excavator or something. Yeah. They’re building something. Building more bathrooms and toilets for you. Sorry, is it fun to queue up for these amenities? (Yes.) Is it fun? It’s good to be in the fresh air outdoors, no? It’s OK to stand for a little while, right? You sit at home. You have been sitting your whole life. Either you sit in the office or in vehicles. At home, you sit in meditation or on chairs for a long time. So, it’s fun to come and stand for a while waiting to use the restroom. “Hurry up! I can’t wait any more. Hurry up!” You can do exercise in the meantime. Is it too hard for you? (No.) Is it alright? (It’s fine.) I see you dare not pitch your tents. Poor you! I found out when I just walked by. You pull the tent down during the day, right? They say that it’s easier for people to walk around, easier for you to move around, right? Is it so crowded? Will your stuff get wet? (No.) You’re not afraid of anything. You have thick skin!

Your Master gives money to others, gives all the money to other people. I don’t need much money. I just wear some clothes, which I made myself and are not expensive. They don’t cost much. They only look luxurious, but the cost is very low. Also, I’m only acting as a fashion model, a senior model. The clothes I wear are mostly for elderly people, so that it’s more comfortable to your eyes. “If Master can wear it, I can, too.” Yeah? You see, she is as pink as I am. See that?

I’m sorry to you. After I die, you will definitely have many good temples. After a few decades, you’ll for sure have very big temples where people come to worship and burn incense. Every day I’ll have fruit and flower offerings. The temples will be resplendent. I just watched Supreme Master Television, not its broadcast but the programs under production. They let me watch them first. If there are any defects, they’ll be corrected before the broadcast. The programs I watch today will perhaps be aired in the next two days. Not every program is aired right away. Time doesn’t matter. Oh! My chair is still very short. Many people can’t see me. We’ll make it higher. Is it alright? (Yes.) Can you see? (Yes.) Next time, put more TV sets around. Then people can watch from anywhere. But it’s already better than at the Thailand retreat. Right? Better than in Thailand, so don’t complain.

Next time you can bring foldable buckets, small plastic buckets. Then, if you can’t wait for the toilet, just use your tent. OK? There are portable buckets, right? They are made of plastic and are foldable. They don’t leak. Buy the type that doesn’t leak. Then you can use it in your tent when you can’t wait. Later, when there’s nobody around and the queues for the toilet are not so long, you can pour it into the toilet and rinse the bucket. Bring some buckets with you. They’ll be very useful. You can also use them for laundry. It’s not bad here. But if you go to the Himalayas, don’t take so many things with you. If you go as Master did, you can’t have many things with you.

I forgot. Today I watched a show. It said that in India, there’s a gold temple. The Sikhs built a very beautiful temple there. It’s made of gold, very beautiful. It’s gold inside and outside. Wow! It sparkles. People go there to worship and leave a lot of money as offerings. The revered Master was the first Sikh Master, Guru Nanak, the first Master of Sikhism. How did He live? He had only one set of clothes and one quilt. He walked the whole day. He had no money. When He was hungry, He ate wild fruits, both big and small.

I’ve told you a story about Him, haven’t I? About Him and His disciple. His disciple loved to eat. He knew a family was holding a banquet down the mountain and anybody could go and eat. He wanted to go and get some food. His Master didn’t want to go. The Master picked some wild fruits, big and small fruits, and ate them in the mountain forest. But the disciple went to that place. Do you remember? (Yes.) It was a banquet held by a rich family to celebrate the birth of a baby. It was a huge party. Then, after a couple of days, the newborn baby died. Oh! The family was so sad. The Master said that the baby came to have his debt repaid, to have the family repay him. Now the debt was paid. Holding a big banquet cost a lot of money. The debt was paid, so the baby left. No problem. The family should have been sad when the baby was born because their creditor had come to get his money back. Yet they rejoiced at his birth. They should have been happy that he was gone. Their creditor was gone and there was no more karma. But on the contrary, they were miserable and cried their eyes out. The Master told the disciple, “How ignorant the world is. It’s upside down.”

We’re all like that. So, no one should laugh at anyone. Some children born into our families are filial, wonderful, and obedient. They are earnest about helping us. Or they work and earn money to give to their parents. This means they owed us in previous lives. If a child never wants to work, just lazes around waiting for food, then it means perhaps the parents owed him in past lives. No one is to blame. Understand? OK? Each time I tell a story, it’s not just for you to listen, but for you to ponder over it and apply it in your own life. Master is not telling you stories just to make you laugh or to cry. Understand? You have to think about it.

Sorry. No. Too many candies make me uncomfortable. OK. I have, I have. (Master’s coughing is heart breaking.) It’s OK, I will have some medicine soon. Thank you. There is a lot of medicine already. My stomach becomes a pharmacy already. She wants to give me medicine. I said that my stomach – they give many these days, so many things – it’s become a pharmacy already. I said my stomach has become… Pill bottle filled with medicine. That’s why I dare not take any more medicine. Not even this one. Taking medicine is tiring.

I’ve never liked taking medicine since my childhood. My dad always had to hold me down and then use a spoon to open my mouth and pour the medicine into it. Otherwise I wouldn’t take it. He said that such and such vitamins were good for me, but I just didn’t want to take them. Children are like that. As children, we’re afraid of nobody. Right? Not even death or illness. We’re not afraid of anything. Because our heart is pure!

OK. I think I’ve finished my talk. I just wanted to see you. I’m leaving for my work. OK? Yeah. See you later. Love you. Love you. (Thank You, Master.) Shoes. Yes, thank you. OK. Never mind. I’ll walk this way. More convenient. You don’t have to move. Don’t move. I’m small. It’s easy. I’ll walk by myself. Thank you. See you! Thank you! Love you! See you soon – later, or tomorrow.

OK, guys. Those people came from very far away, right? Have you seen me before? Yes? No? Those who haven’t seen me before, come here. Whoever hasn’t seen me and has come from far away, come here. Give me this. Here, here. Here, love. It’s heavy. Put it there. Yeah. You haven’t seen Master before? You’ve come from afar? You are? Thailand! Only for long distance people. China. From a long distance. Only for grandmas. Young people have more opportunities, but grandmas don’t. They have fewer chances because of their age. Understand? You give to each other, OK? Each one - one. Only one. One, OK? One for each person. OK. I’m going. I’m going. Is it enough to give one to each person? OK. Remain in your seats. Guards give one to each one. Only one for each person. One for each. I’m going. I go now. I’m going. Oh, you have already. Love you, guys! (We love You!) I’m going now. From this side, from here. Thank you, thank you. Give it to people. One each. OK? Please!

(It will stop immediately. The coughing will stop.) What kind of oil balm? (Reddish oil, pepper oil balm, Master. I rubbed it on initiates, and they stopped coughing immediately.) I understand. Where, where is it? (Yes.) Do you have it here? (I have. Can I go to get it?) You have plenty? (Yes.) Let others use it, too. (Yes, Master.) OK. OK. Thank you. I love you comrades. Bye, bye. See you later. Bye.

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