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Appreciate God’s Leniency and Listen to Hiers Commandments, Part 1 of 5, Nov. 5, 2022

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I can only tell people that whenever God gives us a chance to see the better due to Hiers Mercy, then we have to know that it’s short-lived. (Yes, Master.) Because we want to talk to God, we pray to God, but prayers to God have to be like a conversation – earnest and useful, as well as sincere and humble. So, it has to be like a two-way conversation. Not a one-way conversation. (Yes, Master.) But the way we treat God is like just a one-way conversation. We always ask, we pray.

(Hi, Master. Hallo, Master.) Hi, hi, hi. Hi beautiful – ah no –handsome guys. Beautiful souls. No matter if you’re a woman or a man, you’re beautiful inside. And if you’re handsome, outside, that’s even better, of course. You are, right? All of you are. In my eyes you are. (Thank You, Master.) And beauty is in the eyes of the… ? (Beholder.) Oh, you know everything, my God. (Master is beautiful. The most beautiful.) What, love? Please repeat what you said. (Master is the most beautiful of all.) Oh, my ego loves to hear that. It loves, loves, loves to hear that. Thank you anyway. (You’re welcome. It’s true.) In the eyes of the beholder, so it’s alright.

Listen, are you guys OK in the new place? (Yes, yes, we are OK. Yes, Master. Yes.) I’m sorry we had to move around. I also had to move around these days, so it’s OK, we’re in it together. (Yes.)

And I’m sorry to call so late in the night, I mean early in the morning. But I’m in a difficult situation. I cannot always wait for you to sleep and wake up, and then I may not be able to. I waited many days and I could not, so we just have to do it today, and now, even if it’s late. Sorry to wake you up and disturb your sleep. (It’s OK, Master. We understand, Master. Yes.)

Can sleep again. If you’re lucky. If you have time. It doesn’t matter. We are in it together. The same situation almost. I also don’t sleep very well, and lately, food doesn’t taste of anything. It’s OK, the food there where you are? (Yes, Master. Very nice. It’s very nice here.) Wonderful. Oh, I’m glad, I’m glad. At the moment you don’t even have to cook for yourselves, right? (It’s true. Yes.) It’s a good change. It’s a little tight, but you can’t have everything. (Yes, Master.) Compared to the world, we are very lucky already. You can have food, you can have safety. I mean, for me I have to keep moving sometimes, and also have to take good care of myself for security and all that – all alone.

I am my own bodyguard. (Wow.) But still, much better than millions or billions of people, and better than billions of the animal-people, weekly. So, we should thank God for everything we have, no matter how little or how far from expectation. Reminding you. (Yes, Master.) I thank God every day. And whatever we don’t have, according to our taste or expectation, it’s because of our own karma or the world’s collective karma. It’s not God who arranges all that. (Understand, Master.) God Almighty is all loving, all giving, all forgiving, all benevolent, all merciful. Always remember that. (Yes, Master.)

If you’re cold, you must buy some extra radiators. In the new place, maybe it’s not as warm or maybe not warmly arranged due to gas and oil shortages. But the oil heaters, they use oil and reheat it again and again inside the radiator, so it won’t cost any oil anyway, but electricity, it does. I have sent you some of the economical electric heaters. They are very small, like the palm of your hand, but it heats up the room enough. I mean, it might not be hot, but it keeps the room temperate, not freezing. (Yes, Master. Yes.) It’s very small and it doesn’t cost a lot of electricity.

And if we don’t have any electricity, by the way, for any emergency cases – if you have any hot water bottle and hot water at all, just fill it. Fill the juice bottle with hot water, if you can have it. Then it’s warm. Or sleep together. Not too hugging, but then you keep warm. (Yes, Master.) Share one or two blankets. That’s what the Tibetan people do when they travel, because they don’t have cars on the mountains at the top of the world. So, mostly when they travel, they sleep together – strangers on the road. (Oh.) Anywhere they can. Yeah, in small room.

And there’s something you can use. They sell somewhere like vegetable oil, but thickened vegetable oil. They call it “all vegetable oil.” I forgot the name behind that. It means “fat,” anyway. But there’s a name they use. I think they sell it in some supermarkets. Like a big chunk in a big can – tin can or a jar, a big one.

You buy that and then you buy a thin candle – a normal candle – thin and long. And stick that, immerse it, in the middle of that can. Or you can make it smaller, into smaller jars, and then put the small candle in. But it has to be a thin candle, because the candle has a wick in it. So, if you immerse it in and you burn it, you have to cut the wick to make it short. Because mostly, when they sell the candle, the wick is very long sometimes. Two-three inches long. (Yes.) Cut it. And then it will burn. Actually, I read it in YouTube. I saw it once and I can’t remember well.

But you put the candle in the middle of this can of thickened vegetable oil, then it will burn. Just like a candle, but it becomes a big candle. And this one, if you buy a big one, like six pounds or three pounds, then it will burn for 30 days plus, or 70 days plus, for eight hours every day. (Wow.)

And in an emergency, it’s very good. And you sit together in a small room, very small, the smaller the better, then it will be warm, in case of emergency, when you don’t have any means to warm yourself in winter. (Yes, Master.) YouTube is airing good and useful things for people. (Yes, true.) And just eat whatever you have. From tins or cans or jars.

I normally live in the forest – now I live on the mountain. It’s a small place, but OK. But if you don’t have electricity and if you live in the forest or mountain, it’s not too bad, you can collect dry wood to cook or warm yourself. But if you live in a city, in an apartment, then this probably is a solution. (Yes, Master.) Light a candle at night like that and sit together in a small room.

That candle, or a couple of those small candles, could warm you up in a small room, or in the car or in a small truck. (Yes, Master.) That’s what people do when they’re stuck in the middle of somewhere, in the middle of a highway when it’s snowing and cold. They just light a candle in the car. Keep themselves warm. At least not frozen. Never mind. We hope for a better, always hopeful and more positive scenario of the future. (Yes, Master.)

You have anything to tell me? (Yes, we have a question.) Tell. Only one question? (No, a couple.) Tell me. Be quick, I don’t have a lot of convenience nowadays to make a long – like two, three, four, five hours anymore. So, quickly, please. (Yes, yes.) (Many people have near-death experiences, and recently there was some prediction that 2023 will be worse than previous years.)

“Courtesy of Great Miracles Avenue – May 21, 2022 Voiceover (f): This is a near-death experience from one of our viewers in Africa. She detailed the events that took place during her brush with death, as well as her astonishing encounter with Jesus.

I spoke in a low voice and asked, ‘Jesus, is that You?’ The voice echoed back, ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.’ And He continued, ‘Come with me. I will show you great and mighty things that you do not know. I will impart upon you my Word and ask that you disseminate it throughout the world. Let them know the great tribulation is due. It will be tougher and longer than humanity can imagine. 2023 will be a tough year and the year of more doom. The pains and suffering of the past years will be nothing compared to the future. The avarice and greed of men will be made known, and it will be the cause of a severe pandemic. Conflicts among nations will erupt more frequently and violently than ever before. Even the most privileged will be concerned.’”

(What would Master say about this?) What I say is: I always told you, I’m not a clairvoyant. But, whether or not the people really have these near-death experiences and predictions, mostly they say an angel told them, or God told them, or Jesus told them during their so-called death, between death and life. Whether or not they predict it or they have been told, it is like that. (Yes, Master.) It’s getting worse. (Oh…) But our prayers do help. Our prayers do help. And I think it could get better, but not forever. (Ah.)

It could change by Merciful God. giving us a chance to reflect again. And humans should reflect within themselves and change to a more compassionate lifestyle, like the vegan lifestyle, for example. Then we can change. Nothing is fixed in destiny. We have to take fate into our own hands and change it. That’s why God gives us free will, so we can exercise it.

I can only tell people that whenever God gives us a chance to see the better due to Hiers Mercy, then we have to know that it’s short-lived. (Yes, Master.) Because we want to talk to God, we pray to God, but prayers to God have to be like a conversation – earnest and useful, as well as sincere and humble. So, it has to be like a two-way conversation. Just like when I talk to you, we are both listening and talking, at least like a question and response or answer. Not a one-way conversation. (Yes, Master.) But the way we treat God is like just a one-way conversation. We always ask, we pray. We ask for this, for that and pray mostly for selfish reasons.

Well, except when we pray for the world to become vegan so that we will have lasting world peace. That is not just for individual needs, selfish desires, but it’s for the common good of all beings, of this beautiful planet. (Yes, Master.)

So, we just ask, ask, ask God all the time. We don’t listen to what God says. We can’t listen to God. Most people cannot.

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