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Relief Work for Ukrainian Refugees in Spain

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In the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Relief News from Spain

Since the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been offering support to Ukraine through Her prayers, blessings, and numerous financial contributions to help the Ukrainian people inside their country, as well as the refugees seeking safety in different European countries. The following is a report from our Association members in Spain, who wished to convey Master’s care and concern for the Ukrainian refugees in their country.

“After receiving the generous contribution from Master at the beginning of August, we carried out the relief work in several cities of Spain through the three centers of Valencia, Andalucía, and Madrid. Our Association members also contributed funds for supplies and printed materials like Supreme Master Television flyers and books.

Valencia In Valencia, we contacted a supply warehouse for Ukrainian refugees. They were very happy to hear from our group because they had just run out of food and hygiene products in their warehouse and were really in need. We brought them vegan food supplies like pasta, tomato sauce, rice, olive and sunflower oil, soy and oat milk, oats, vegan breakfast cereals for children, vegan cookies, vegan chocolate, teas, coffee, pulses (chickpeas, beans, lentils), wheat flour, sugar, cans of sweet corn and peas, as well as vegan toiletries and supplies for infants.

They were most grateful to Master for Her timely help and sent a big ‘Thank you.’ ‘Thank You very much because You did a very big thing for the Ukrainian people who stay in here. It is a very big help and firstly it is help to our hearts, because we understand that we are not alone. Thank You so much, thank You.’

We came back several times with more vegan food, toiletries and school supplies for the children to start their school year. We also distributed flyers and cards with information about Supreme Master TV, Alternative Living and the book, “Love is the Only Solution,” translated into Ukrainian. We will keep checking on them and will return with more supplies if needed.

Andalucía In Andalucía, we went to five different cities: Almería, Roquetas de Mar, Málaga, Córdoba and Huelva. In Almería and Roquetas de Mar, we delivered vegan food and hygiene products directly to refugee families. They were all very appreciative of the fresh fruit, cereals, vegan chocolates, and coffee, in addition to other basic foods such as wheat flour, vegan oil, pasta, rice, etc. We also brought backpacks and school supplies for the kids.

Both adults and children spontaneously expressed their gratefulness to Master, even in tears, saying that ours was the first care they had received for some time. ‘Good afternoon, Supreme Master Ching Hai. Thank You so much for your help.’ ‘Thank You very much.’

In addition, we purchased a sewing machine as well as eyeglasses for two ladies whose livelihoods involved sewing. They had each lost a son in the war and were especially touched by Master´s support and generosity. We also bought mattresses for a family of four that has been kindly invited by another Ukrainian family to stay in their home. ‘Thank You very much, Master Ching Hai, for the glasses.’ ‘Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai.’

Málaga In the southern city of Málaga, we brought backpacks for children and a large amount of vegan food to the local non-profit organization Maydan for distribution to the Ukrainian refugees there. Maydan’s chairwoman sent her thanks to Supreme Master Ching Hai, saying that she was very touched by everything Master is doing for Ukraine, including our prayers for peace.

Córdoba In Córdoba, we focused our efforts on 11 families (36 people) that we found were not yet supported by government assistance. We purchased heating radiators, sportswear and sneakers for children.

Huelva In the southwestern city of Huelva, Dmytro Savchuk of Saints Cyril and Methodius told us that as more Ukrainians continue to arrive in Huelva and other Spanish cities, they are having great difficulty finding accommodation. We thus contributed funds to go toward rent expenses and to help the Ukrainian refugees purchase vegan food.

Madrid In Spain’s capital city of Madrid, we made a large purchase of vegan food, personal hygiene products, and backpacks, as well as school supplies for children. These we delivered to the Volunteers for Ukraine Association (Asociación Voluntarios por Ucrania). Of the 350 families being cared for by this organization, 25 were selected as needing extra help because they were not yet receiving assistance through any governmental program. These families and their children were grateful to receive the vegan food bags and school supplies.

They sent their thanks to Master, as did one of the Ukrainian volunteers in the association, who was very touched by Master’s thoughtful and much-needed help for the Ukrainian refugees. ‘Thank You very much to Supreme Master Ching Hai for all the donations that She has made. The families that have received the food are very grateful. They didn’t expect it, and they really needed it very much. So thank You very much. We appreciate Your help very much.’ ‘Thank you very, very much to the Association Master Ching Hai for the help with the food. We are very happy. We need You a lot. Thank You very much!’ ‘Thank You for Your support and help, from Ukrainians to Supreme Master Ching Hai.’ ‘Thank You very much!’

In each of these cities in Spain, we have asked to be contacted if the refugees need other things and will continue supporting them as we can. 

We are most grateful to our Beloved Master for giving us the opportunity to do God´s work and to help the beautiful Ukrainian people. Master, You always inspire us to do good for others, and even send Your own money to help us do so. We have no words to express our love, admiration, and gratitude to You. We love You very much and we will keep working to be worthy of being Your disciples. With Love, Association members in Spain” 

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