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A heartline from Ukraine: Thanks to Master Ching Hai for protection and help

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Hallo! I’m from Ukraine. It’s difficult to speak and express an opinion on this period when there is war going in our country. Ukraine is a peaceful country and has never crossed foreign borders and never threatened anyone. Russian troops are attacking Ukraine; people are dying. Ukrainian and Russian soldiers are dying! The Ukrainian people did not believe until the last moment that the country in which our relatives and friends live would be killing our people and now it seems like a bad dream. The Ukrainian people are forced to defend their independence and freedom.

We thank our president, government, and the Ukrainian Army, which protects us. Ukrainians are grateful to all the countries that are helping now. Many thanks to the Taiwanese (Formosan) government and people for the help to Ukraine! I’m very pleased that the saint brothers from America and Mongolia call and support me. They give me more strength and confidence at this difficult moment!

My mother lives in the Kherson region, where there is a serious situation. My husband and I live in Kiev. I have two cat-persons. They are very playful, but now, in this time, they refuse to eat, they don’t play, and are constantly near us.

In our district of Kiev and in the Kherson region where my mother lives, there is no destruction; there is water, electricity and heat in the house, but in some areas it is all destroyed. I perfectly understand and feel the support and protection of Master Ching Hai! A lot of thanks to Master Ching Hai for protection and help not only for me, but my husband, my mother and the nearest street where we live and the region where my mother lives.

It is difficult to find words of gratitude for everything done by Master! We wish our favorite Master health, strength to endure, and the protection of the forces of Light forever! Glory to Supreme Master Ching Hai! Glory to Ukraine! Bohuslava from Kiev, Ukraine

Brave Bohuslava, Thank you for your incredible heartline and for sharing how Master’s endless Blessing power keeps you and your family safe. We are deeply praying for you and your people with all our hearts. May God watch over you and benevolent Ukraine, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this uplifting reply to offer your beautiful soul: “Dearest Bohuslava, your words touch my heart so deeply. How courageous and noble your people are in the face of this incredible injustice. People are dying just for one man’s insanity and lust for power. I, too, feel that it is a bad dream and pray for your people and you, my love. May God’s boundless Grace protect you and the gentle Ukrainians. No one wins in war. The only way to achieve victory of any kind in this world is through God’s Light. I am with you and your people forever! May the infinite Blessings of the Providence bestow peace upon you and the magnificent Ukrainian people, and bring a swift end to this senseless war.” 

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