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To Live a Balanced Life in This World and Heaven, Part 2 of 12, May 22, 1993

Lingua:English,Japanese (日本語),Mandarin Chinese (中文)
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(Master possesses the omnipresent almighty power. However, Master is unwilling to reveal Her power. Instead of dwelling on our outer appearance, She always talks about discovering our inner wisdom, compassion and universal love, developing our transcendental power within, and pursuing liberation from the cycle of transmigration.)

“(As humans, we tend to believe in someone or something that has been accepted by the public, often without thinking. Conversely, we tend to doubt someone or something that has not been widely recognized. It is like when Lord Jesus was alive, the masses did not believe in Him. Some even slandered and persecuted Him. Yet, two thousand years later, His believers continue to grow. If Jesus Christ were to come again today, how would we recognize Him?

I believe that we must first get in touch with the Christ power within. We would then be able to recognize a great Master like Jesus Christ.

Secondly, in Japan and China, there are many who follow the practice of reciting the mantra ‘Namo Horen Kekyo,’ or ‘Namo Lotus Sutra.’ But how many of these practitioners have experienced the kind of experiences recorded in the sutra? For example, the sutra states: “The sounds of inner Buddhist chanting and inner ocean waves are superior to the inner Heavenly Sounds of this world.” Those kinds of inner Heavenly Sounds are not of this world, but are beyond this world. At the same time, those inner sounds are also within each of us. They are our wisdom. They are our power of compassion. It is because of that kind of great power that we can liberate ourselves from the cycle of birth and death.

Based on my own experience, I can attest that you can hear these kinds of inner Heavenly Sounds 24 hours a day, if you practice with Master. We follow Master to practice spiritually and prove the scriptures with spiritual practice. We follow Master to practice spiritually to prove the scriptures, instead of being a bystander, reading or chanting the scriptures.

Thirdly, Master possesses the omnipresent almighty power. This has been unanimously recognized by hundreds of thousands of Master’s disciples all over the world, through their personal experiences. However, Master is unwilling to reveal Her power. Instead of dwelling on our outer appearance, She always talks about discovering our inner wisdom, compassion and universal love, developing our transcendental power within, and pursuing liberation from the cycle of transmigration.

I think, only by merging the power of compassion, universal love and the transcendental power mentioned before, One can be called a perfect Being – a Buddha.

Next, I am going to tell a short story. A long time ago, on a desolate farm in the mountains, there was a farmer. One day, he found a stone in the field. It was as big as his fist and looked like glass. He’d heard that diamonds are hidden in stones, a diamond ore. He thought there could not be diamonds buried beneath the soil. It would be useless and heavy to bring it home. People might laugh at him if he took it home. So, he just dumped it by the roadside.

Next day, a neighbor picked up the stone and took it to the city to be assessed by a jeweler. The jeweler said, ‘It’s just a glass. Throw it away.’ But he refused to give up and consulted another jeweler. The jeweler said, ‘This is a priceless diamond.’ He consulted a third jeweler and got the same answer. He was overjoyed and became a very wealthy man overnight. You can imagine the farmer’s frustration upon hearing the news.

After following Master to practice spiritually, I feel that I have found the real value of my life. I am extremely fortunate. Since we have already found it, we wish to introduce our Supreme Master Ching Hai to sentient beings who have an affinity. This is why we invite you to come to attend Master’s lecture today. I hope you won’t follow the example of the farmer by having preconceived ideas. He didn’t understand, nor did he seek advice. So, he just easily gave away a rare gem.

I hope you won’t hold on to your preconceived ideas and refuse to seek advice even if you don’t understand, and then throw away a rare gem so easily. You have nothing to lose by exploring and observing more. People who suffer misfortunes and losses are those who stubbornly hold on to their preconceived ideas.

Missing the chance to follow a living Buddha to practice spiritually, will make you more regretful than that farmer, for many lifetimes.

A wise statement by a scientist goes, ‘What obstructs us from knowing the world is known knowledge, rather than unknown knowledge.’ OK. That’s all I have to say. Thank you.)”

(Thank you. Those who would like to present flowers to Master, please go on stage. Next, the disciples will offer flowers to Master.

As time is very precious, we would now like to have Master begin Her lecture. Now, please listen to Master’s lecture with a respectful heart.)

It’s my turn already? So soon, it’s my turn already? Are you translating English or Chinese? Which one is easier to translate? English or Chinese? (Perhaps English.) English is easier? OK. (Chinese is easier.) (Chinese.) How many Chinese are here? Raise your hands to show me. Oh! A lot. OK. But we have translation for Japanese. Do you all understand Japanese? Yes? That’s wonderful. Japanese understand English better than Chinese? Yes. Yes? (Yes, please.) Yes, they can.

You see. Because of so many Chinese here, they have required that I speak Chinese. But I thought the Japanese understand English better, so maybe I speak English. And the Chinese have to listen to English and Japanese. If I am in China, I will speak Chinese.

I feel already very sorry that I cannot speak Japanese to the Japanese people, because like this we can have more direct understanding. I have tried, I’ve tried to learn Japanese, I have tried. In America, I bought cassettes and tapes and video and books in Japanese. They’re expensive, and they have promised me I can speak Japanese in three and half weeks. Three and half months already, I couldn't speak anything! So maybe three and half years later, I can. So, you Chinese, please understand.

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