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Inspiring Good News in Support of Ukraine, Part 1 of 7, Mar. 18, 2022

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My God, if the generals die, many soldiers will feel discouraged. (Yes, that’s true.) And then that will make them lose more and die more. It’s terrible. Terrible. The cycle. (Yes, Master.) The devil’s cycle. Oh, my God, it’s terrible, terrible, terrible. No matter who dies, I don’t like it. It’s terrible. They were born not to die. Not like that.

Hey, guys. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo. Everybody has enough sleep? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Sometimes, we work too hard. I know that. I can see if you work very hard when the shows come late. I wanted to scold you, but I thought, “Oh, I better scold myself.” Otherwise, I hurt your ego. If I scold myself, nobody is hurt. My ego won’t get hurt, because I scold myself.

You have anything good for me? You always listen to me. Today I want to listen to you. (Yes, Master.)

(There is this some great news from Ukraine that we have for You today. There has been a unique online effort to aid Ukrainian citizens. There’s something called Airbnb, and it’s a service where one can book a private room in a house. And from March 2nd to March 3rd, people around the world booked 61,000 nights in Ukrainian cities via Airbnb with no one planning to check-in or even reschedule.) Oh. (And by doing this, it raised US$1.9 million in just those 48 hours.) Oh. (And since that day…) That is for raising money? (For those Ukrainians who list their room on Airbnb, they will receive that money. And it’s a form of aid. Because as private citizens, as people of the world, maybe they don’t have a way to directly help the Ukrainians, but this is one way. They can send them some money by reserving a room but actually not using it.) Understand. (And, so since that day, bookings have continued. 434,000 rooms have been reserved and US$15 million has been raised.)

Wow. Congratulations, Ukraine. A lot of people are helping, I heard. Taiwan (Formosa) is helping with many millions. And China is also helping now. (Wow. Good China.) Yeah! China, yes. (Wow! That’s good news.) Yeah, good news. (Yes.) Very, very good of them. (Yes.)

Because, they say that Putin is supposed to have been asking China for help, financially, and with combat instruments, like drones, flying drones, bombing drones. As if they didn’t bomb enough already. (Yes, Master.) As if they did not kill enough people by air already. (Right.) Because the sky is not closed. (Yes.) And I was so worried that the children and the people who are small and weak cannot run fast enough. (Yes, Master.) If they fight on the ground, you can run somewhere else. But if they bomb on top of your head, where would you run? (Yes.) I was so worried, I couldn’t sleep over that.

But China said, “No, no. We’re not helping.” They denied that. So maybe, they’re not helping. But they’re helping Ukraine. Wow. (Wow.) I’m so very grateful for that. (Yes.) That’s what the big brother is for, right? (Right. Yes, exactly.) If you want people to be on your side, you must help them when they need it. (Yes. Exactly, Master.) Then you become their friend. A friend in need is a friend in… (Indeed. Yes.) You know everything.

Alright, so anything else? (Yes, Master. Also, Ukrainian tennis player, Dayana Yastremska, announced she will give her prize money to her homeland Ukraine, after playing the final of the Lyon Open in France.) Wow! (And before that, she and her younger sister spent two nights sheltering in an underground car park from missile strikes in Ukraine,) Oh. (before being sent to safety in France by their parents.) Very good, very good. God bless them. (Yes.)

God bless. God bless all the people (So good.) who help with a good cause in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)

And I heard that the Russian army is losing. The fourth general, at least the fourth, died in battle. (Yes, that’s right.) Oh, God. I’m not very happy about this good news. I wish that Russia would just stop, to save all their innocent people. The army, they were also innocent. They were enlisted and conscripted, (Yes.) to go into the army to fight. It’s not their choice, it’s not their fault. If they die, they leave behind wives and kids, parents, and friends, and all kinds of heartache. (Oh yes, Master. Indeed.) I’m not happy.

My God, if the generals die, many soldiers will feel discouraged. (Yes, that’s true.) And then that will make them lose more and die more. It’s terrible. Terrible. The cycle. (Yes, Master.) The devil’s cycle. Oh, my God, it’s terrible, terrible, terrible. No matter who dies, I don’t like it. It’s terrible. They were born not to die. Not like that. (Yes, Master.) Not to die in such a terrible situation like that.

And then Putin is jailing his people. I mean, house arrest and all that. (Yes, Master.) Blaming his people, his aides for the failure in the battle. But what can they do? I mean, if you fight, one side must lose, and get hurt. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s inevitable. The best is not to fight. Not to have war. (Right, Master. That’s right.)

All the soldiers from the Russian side should just quit and go and surrender. And then even if they’re imprisoned, like prisoners of war, they still keep their lives. (Yes, Master.) Until things change. (Yes, Master.) Because people don’t kill prisoners of war during the war. Both sides. It’s supposed to be like that. (Yes.) And, the President of Ukraine promised them that the Ukrainian people will treat them better than in their army. Just like a decent human. They will not do anything to them. They will treat them well. (Yes. Oh, good.) They should go to the Ukrainian government and just surrender to save their lives. And to save Ukrainian lives. (Yes, Master.) (That’s right, Master.) What for do you fight for losing, and senseless killing. (Yes.) It’s no use at all. (That’s right, Master.)

There is a story. It’s a funny story in such a tragic thing, but never mind. I tell you anyway. (Yes, Master.) (Alright, Master. Thank You, Master.) I think you knew it before, but never mind. I’m not sure if I told it in English, or I have told it to the big audience or just a small circle. Sometimes I tell things in just a small circle. (Yes.) It’s not recorded or anything. Many are like that. And they laugh like… oh, they laugh like crazy, but we never had it on record. The best is never recorded. Because they don’t see a camera, they don’t see the light, so they just laugh. They’re not distracted. They just hear my words and just laugh and just act themselves silly.

And sometimes in the car, I tell jokes and all that. Oh, my God. I said, “Driver, watch it. You’re not supposed to laugh. The others can laugh.” But they are all laughing all the time. I like it, the small group. (Yes, Master.) More friendly, cozy, and less official. And people are more natural.

There was a story in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). There was one… trạng nguyên, I don’t know how that is in English. (Scholar, Master.) Scholar, but very official. (Royal scholar.) Yeah, royal scholar, and very officially passed the test. Every three years in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) before, they open examinations - exam time. All the scholars from all over the country go there to the capital to do the exam. (Yes.) And then whoever is the most excellent will become the official court scholar. (Oh, right. Yes, Master.) Or become the first, or sometimes become even prime minister, or even the son-in-law of the king. It depends. (Oh. Yes.) You wish you were born in those times. I know what you’re thinking. Me too. So, we don’t have to work so hard like this. The money the king gives will be enough for all of us to just sit there and sit pretty, and eat a lot of vegan pancakes. (Wouldn’t that be nice.)

Actually, I’m very proud, talking about pancakes, I’m very proud to have at least one follower, who follows me steadfastly, just for a non-challenge. A promise of maybe future pancakes. It is exceptional. I don’t know how many Masters would have this honor. He told you in front of everybody. It’s official. I’m not making it up. Oh, man. Oh, God. Is it raining where you are now? (No, Master. No.) Is it Tuesday? (No, Master. It’s Friday.) No. Oh, man. The two crucial conditions you don’t have. Don’t blame me, if you don’t have any vegan pancakes. I’m very proud.

One moment. There’s one little friend who came into the house, I have to take him out. It was just a little bee-person. He flew away already. Originally, he could not fly. (Oh. Wow.) So, I gave him some syrup water and he drank, drank, drank and then he cleaned himself and then he flew away. Flew far. (Wow.) First on the floor, and then I said, “Hey, it’s not good for you there.” So I gave him a piece of tissue, so that he can climb up. He was a little wet. So he can clean up his feet full of syrup. (Oh, yes.) And then after he cleaned up on that wet paper, he flew away, far. I was so happy. (Wow.)

He came in and I didn’t think anything. I took him out. I put him out of the window, and then he came back in again. So, I said, “What is it then?” So, he said he has a message for me, but I can’t tell you. (Oh. Yes, Master.) Many things I told you, and then the negative will spoil it. (Right. Was it good news?) Good news. Good news. (Yay!)

How many knives have I lost already? Even just to tell you, the fruit knife is lost. So, I won’t tell you anymore how many knives I have. (Sure, Master. OK.) Even if I have, I won’t tell you. (Yes, Master.) I can tell you some children’s story, Aulacese (Vietnamese) folklores or other country’s folklore. That’s harmless. (Yes, Master.)

Sometimes I tell you things, because you are my so-called disciples, but then sometimes I shouldn’t tell. (Right.) Normally, Heaven’s secret, you should never tell. (Yes.) Many things They told me, and They immediately said, “This is a secret. Don’t tell. Don’t tell people. Don’t tell your disciples.” I said, “OK. OK. Tell me. Don’t make it such a big deal.” At least in the last few days, two times, They told me not to tell this, not to tell that. (Wow. OK.) Not to tell others and stuff. So, I said, “OK, OK, man, alright. Just tell me and have it done with.”

Sometimes we have fun in my (Heavenly) Inner Circle. Inner Circle conference. I need time for all that. (Yes, Master.) It’s not I just have Supreme Master Television, or my business to take care of. (Yes. Sure.) And the world won’t just leave me alone. Making war and all that. It’s making trouble for me. (Yes.) Extra work, losing extra time. (Yes, Master.) If they leave me alone, I could do much more for the world. (Right, Master.) Many times, I can’t have an inner conference, because I’m just too exhausted. (Yes, Master.) Too exhausted. And I have to ask again and again, “Repeat it please, repeat it please. I lost it.” And it takes some time, longer than usual. Longer than it’s supposed to be. Never mind that. That is my problem, not yours.

I’m just telling you so that you know I’m really busy. I’m not joking. (Yes, Master.) And I’m not trying to impress you with my busyness. What for anyway? (No, exactly.) What can you do for me? Even if you know or not know. So busy, busy. Sometimes I’m so tired, and I have to fight with the maya, otherwise they’ll kill me, alive. (Oh, gosh.) I told you the other day, they took me by the leg and banged it on the floor. (Oh, no.) (Oh, my God.) And that’s not the first time. (Oh, gosh.)

And the other day we couldn’t have a conference, because of problems. I made you wait for many hours and I could not contact. (Yes.) I’m sorry for that, but sometimes it happens. Just because you know it, so I have to tell you why. (Right, Master). Otherwise, it’s not the first time that things happen. (Yes, Master.) Just because we had a conference and I didn’t show up for many hours later, so I had to explain. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, you’d be mad at me. (No, Master.) Upset and yelling at me inside. I hear everything. OK, never mind. I guess sometimes you could be mad at me. It’s OK. It’s difficult to work in this business. I demand perfection.

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