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The World Left Ukraine to Fight Alone, Part 1 of 17, Mar. 2, 2022

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So, it’s inconvenient to change the law or make meat obsolete, and make vegan a norm (Yes, Master.) for everyone to survive. This is a question of survival. It’s not just about fashion. It’s serious. (Yes.) It’s not a game, but they just couldn’t capish. They could not change because of habit, because of convenience.

(Hallo, Master. Hi, Master.) Hi guys. Hi. (How is Master?) Ah, not too well. (Oh, Master. Sorry to hear that, Master.) Not too well, truly. I could have just gone to sleep. (Oh, Master.) But, you see, the situation of the world is like that. I cannot just say, “OK, we do it next time,” or something. Who knows when we can do it again. (Yes, we understand. Thank You, Master. Thank You.)

Did you order for all of you guys this earthing? (Yes, everyone has ordered theirs.) Oh, I see. Everything OK with you guys? (Yes, we’re fine. Thank You, Master, for asking. We are also concerned with the situation and we hope Master’s OK during this time.) I am not OK, I’m not OK. (Oh.) I can’t lie. (Yes, Master.) I can’t lie to you. (Yes.) Even though I would prefer to be upbeat, and then tell you, “Oh, all is good.” No problemo. (No problem.) Todo bien. (All good.) Tout va bien. (All good.) Alles gut. (Everything is good.) Everything perfect. (Yes.)

No, I’m not very well. Because this world is in too much suffering, too much trouble. And I just can’t ignore it. My heart just cannot stay still. (Yes, Master.) Just cannot stay peaceful, so I have to push it and do a lot of other things. (Oh, Master.) Inside and outside work. And also I have to chase the news. See if things are better or not. I mean, physically. (Yes.) Never mind about that. (Well, we hope the world gets better. Because if the world gets better then) Then I get better. (Master will get better.) And everybody gets better. (Yes.) We live in the same world, and other people suffer. How can you not feel it? (That’s right, Master. True, true.)

I’m just too sensitive for my own good, I guess. Just like with the earthing mat and stuff, I felt it right away, that it’s better. (Oh, very good. Oh, that’s good to hear, Master.) Yeah, immediately. (Oh, wow. Wonderful.) (Good to hear.) Like I shed half of the weight. (Oh really? Wow. That’s good.) Just light, but I’m not that fat. If I shed so-called half of the weight that you imagine, I’d be gone already. You won’t find me anywhere. (Yes, Master.)

It’s really good. That’s why I called you guys before and told you that you must wear them. (Yes, Master.) I told the girls that they can buy different things according to what they prefer. (Oh.) Socks or shoes, (Oh, that’s good.) and mattress or mats, similar to yoga mats. Or just something different; a little bit thicker, thinner, or silver tape and all that, oh, not silver tape, I mean, copper. (Right.)

All kinds of things are on the internet. So, you guys can order what you feel is good. (Thank You, Master.) But better something simple, so in case we have to move there’s not one more furniture, or like, equipment. (Yes.) Because everything I want to buy, or want to have, I have to consider for three days, whether or not I really I need it. (Oh, right, Master.) Except for someone else, then it’s more free. For me, it’s not. I have to consider whether or not, if I move, I have to pack. (Yes.) Pack and unpack, it’s not fun.

I’m still living in boxes. (Oh, Master.) Boxes, working boxes. (Oh.) Everything is related like books and documents.

Even though I have a computer but I’m not a geek. I’m not a computer geek. So I can’t be just like you guys “OK. If you don’t have the book, you open the internet, then you have everything you want.” I still carry my dictionary around, a very thick and heavy one. (Oh, wow.) Because I don’t know how to check on the internet or Google or whatever. And I didn’t have time to ask you guys to fix it. I forgot all about it until I needed it. I said, “Oh, I should have asked this and that guy to have done it.” But now I’m in retreat, I can’t ask anybody. (Oh, Master. Yes.) Also, I don’t want to, I don’t want more disturbance. (Oh, right. Yes, Master.) I’m disturbed enough already. My God.

Being alone does help. If I am still busy with business as usual like before, I’d probably be kaput. (Oh.) Because, how much can the body and the heart sustain? (Yes, that’s right, Master. Yes, Master.) To be alone is already very busy, in a very small space. But still need to clean. And even if you push it, you still need to clean it one day or another. (Right, Master. That’s right, Master.)

Is there anything else you need? Anything you want from me? (We have everything we need, Master.) Good. (Thank You, Master.) That’s what I thought. But maybe you need something more like a car? (No, we don’t need. No need, Master.) You can see, I had some cars, I have some cars, but I could never drive. And even if I drive, I have nowhere to go for long, just go to work and come back and all that. (Yes.) It’s not like before, I can go sightseeing on the beach and life is “peachy beachy.” (Oh, Master. Yes.)

Yeah, truly. I can’t lie to you. I can’t, I don’t want to pretend anything good or bad. (Right, Master.) Alright. Anything from the team or anybody want to grill?

(Master, recently, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy officially signed an application for EU membership, and in a speech via video link to the EU parliament he said, “Prove you are with us. Prove that you will not let us go.” Master, why has the EU not yet immediately accepted Ukraine into the European Union?)

You asked the wrong guy. If it were me, I would immediately say “OK,” (Oh. Yes.) because this is an urgent situation. They need support - mentally, at least. (That’s right, Master. Right, Master.) Just like they’ll have someone. (Yes.) That’s what neighbors are for. (Yes. That’s true.)

I also don’t understand. I also read that, but I don’t understand why they are hesitant. But I think I can guess. They worry that if they go too far or too hard, then Russia will not give them cheap oil and gas. The whole of Europe depends on Russia for gas. (Oh, right.) And America, also. Crazy. Imagine that? (Wow.) I’m not sure if anything else is more important, because this is just burning in their own home. (Yes.)

America is supposed to have its own gas, and Canada, also has. I mean, gas or oil, whatever. They can have it, they can be independent. (Yes, Master.) But, instead of that, Biden, just to look good, like an environmentalist and stuff like that; so don’t use oil, don’t use this and that. But they have it. I can’t remember if Europeans have it or not, but America can also supply Europe if they go ahead with their project. (Right.)

But Biden just immediately deleted that project the first day he was in office already. You know that. (Yes.) Immediately, more than 10,000 people lost their jobs just at the stroke of his pen. Just like that, without even saying, “OK, we give you a period of time to find some other job or something.” (Right, Master. Yes, Master.) I don’t know, this guy. All this ego, it makes me want to be sick. I feel sick. (Yes, Master.) All ego. There’s no hero, just egos. (Yes.)

Ego is making a mess of the world. Ego is killing people. Ego is starving the world. Ego is making people jobless, and ego makes the pandemic grow. Ego ruins the border security. Ego is firing many people from jobs. All kinds of things. (Yes, Master.) It is important to cut the ego, but I don’t think it will come any time. Especially when they go up into the top of the world. Top job. (That’s right. Right, Master.) They just get a bigger and bigger ego. (Yes, Master.)

They don’t care about anybody who dies and who lives in front of them. Because they are well, they’re too good. (Yes, that’s true.) Their life is too good, too comfortable. They don’t need anything; they never have to worry about tomorrow, whether or not there is bread on the table. They don’t care if somebody dies, they don’t see it, they don’t care. Otherwise, they wouldn’t make laws for abortion and… Oh God. I think that is one main reason. (Yes, Master.)

People in the physical world, they worry more about physical things than anything else. (Yes, that’s true.) Your tooth hurting is more important than somebody dying outside your door, or pain in the operating room. (Yes, Master.) People in this world – most are selfish, very unconcerned, uncaring. Love is very, very thin. Loving quality is very thin. (Yes, Master.) They just think too narrowly. In too short terms. (Yes.) It’s so simple just to have it from Russia instead of making your own.

But life is not always about convenience. And if you always care about convenience, one day you might be in for a shock, like your life is not convenient anymore. (Yes, it’s true.)

Like every day eating meat, and now we have a pandemic. We always have this and that and pandemic, or all kinds of infections going on. And then outbreak of war also. It’s not just that. (Yes, Master.)

So, it’s inconvenient to change the law or make meat obsolete, and make vegan a norm (Yes, Master.) for everyone to survive. This is a question of survival. It’s not just about fashion. It’s serious. (Yes.) It’s not a game, but they just couldn’t capish. They could not change because of habit, because of convenience. (Yes, Master.) Why offend the powerful meat industry, and why do they have to change the taste in their mouths? Life is OK for them. (Yes, Master.) Everybody is just laissez-faire. (Yes.) They don’t want to do anything new, even though it’s a life and death matter. (Yes, Master.)

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