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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Thoughts on the Urgent Situation in Ukraine, Part 1 of 8, Feb. 26, 2022

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Just like Russia is in the UN, but they have nothing to do with UN. (Yes.) No good. No good. And then just causing bloodshed like that. And while Ukraine was a good one, trying to help NATO, help anywhere possible – and then, the one that benefited, the one they follow, turns around and betrays them. (Yes, that’s right.) This is really, really so sad.

(We’re here, Master.) Hi, Hi. I’m here. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo. Hallo. I’m here too. How are you guys doing? Busy, huh? (Yes, Master. We’re good. Thank You, Master.) Tired, huh? (How is Master?) You sleep enough? I’m OK, I’m OK. I mean, alive. (Good. We’re thankful for that.) (We want Master to be healthy and strong.) I’m alive.

There have been some little problems here and there. And last night, they almost broke my leg. (Oh, my God! No!) Not I. They! The karmic council, the maya. (Oh, my God. Oh, Master.) I’m OK, I’m OK. I mean, it's more in the other body. (Oh, wow.) More damaged in the other body than the physical body. Even though, the physical body also felt the bang. It’s the same. It’s just that, I still can walk. You just have to always be vigilant. It’s just one second, you pay attention to other things, then they will attack you. (Oh, wow.) Karmic force. (Gosh.)

What to do? It’s like that, all the time. Sometimes I’m just too tired so, can’t always fight so well, with so much stress and many other extra things. (Yes, we understand.) If you just worry about yourself, then the Heavenly Light and Sound protects you forever in every aspect of your life. (Yes, Master.) It’s just that, if you carry more burden than you’re able to, then you go falling sometimes, struggling. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

Don’t worry, I’m OK. (Oh, thanks God. It’s good to hear.) I’m a big girl. I told you. (Yes, Master.) (We thank Heaven for helping You.) I’m not sure if They can help. I asked Them to help the world, and disregard me. (We need You, Master. Master needs to be well.) Oh… I don’t know, I just pray like that. It’s just automatic. I don’t regard much of myself. It’s just automatic. I can’t help it. (Right, Master. Yes, Master.)

OK, guys. I’m glad that you’re still OK, even though we work very hard, and I know sometimes you’re tired. (We’re OK, Master.) You want to sleep? (We’re fine, Master. Yes, we’re good, Master. Thank You for asking, always.) Sleep all day, all night, no? You want to? (We wish.) You’re dreaming. You’re “illusionizing”. As long as the world is not at peace, then we will hardly be at peace. (Yes, that’s right, Master. True.)

But you’re free to quit. I told you already, that guy, he wanted to find somewhere to sleep, you just fire yourself. I don’t fire people, you fire yourself, and then go sleep. And if one day we have a chance to eat vegan pancakes, and you’re not there, sorry. (I think, I would rather have [vegan] pancakes now.) When we have a chance to eat together vegan pancakes, and drink tea and coffee, then you won’t be there. (Yes, that’s right.) (I regret that comment earlier, so I think I would rather have pancakes and enjoy tea with You, Master.) So, you stick around? (Yes, Master.) (I won’t sleep anymore.)

It's just like carrot and stick. We put it in front of you, but you keep chasing it. It’s not a promise. I said, “Just in case, Maybe.” Right now, we’re lucky if we can just grab something. (Yes.)

Talking about that, by the way, soup and sandwiches are really peace prize-worthy. (Yes.) Soup, you can throw everything inside, and don’t have to watch it. It cooks by itself, by the electric pan. Electric cooker? (Oh, yes.) And then you put just the right amount and then it will stop by itself, or you just check the time, and then you go out and it’s ready. (Yes, Master.)

And a sandwich is the same. A sandwich is very convenient, just sit in front of your computer and then talk to it. While you listen to your computer, your mouth can talk. (Yes, Master.) Talk to the sandwich. (And we dip the sandwich in the soup.) Oh, so you have both? (Yes.) Man, such a greedy boy. I thought about separate things. (Oh.) Either you have soup or a sandwich, you can’t have both. (That makes it soggy.) Never mind, you can have both. We make an exception. (Yes, thank You, Master.) Since you work so hard, you can have anything and get away with it. Man! (Thank You.) You’re welcome.

You, both groups have questions. Just grill. (Yes, Master, why do bad people like Biden, Pelosi, and P Francis not get COVID?) Oh, such negative level? (Yes.)

Because, they will go to hell. And the COVID patients, when they die, they go to Heaven. (Oh. I see.) That’s my condition with them. (Right, yes.) If they repent, even if they won’t recover, they will go to Heaven. (Understand. Yes, Master.) And that’s the condition. (Yes, Master.) So, the COVID team, they know it. Those whose level is negative, as I told you before, they will not infect them. Because if they infect them, they have a chance to go to Heaven. (Yes.)

Because the COVID patients, they pay their debt through this suffering. (Oh.) Of course, not everybody pays the same amount. (Yes.) So, some have it very heavy, or die. Some have it mild or long-term. It depends on their karma also. (Understand, Master.) And the meat-eating; how much and what attitude toward the animal-people, and all that. (Yes, Master.)

Because I said to Heaven, “These people, though they eat meat, their hearts are not wicked. They are not intentionally wanting to hurt the animal-people. They just go with the flow. They didn’t know any better.” (Right. Yes.) Even though there are so many films and all that, but it’s just a habit ingrained in them. They don’t have a wicked tendency. So, if they repent, they change their way of life, or if they die, in such a heavy suffering condition, then just forgive them. They have a lower Heaven waiting for them. (Yes, Master.) So, don’t worry too much about them.

The other ones, they don’t get COVID, but they get other things in hell. (Yes.) They will not get away with it. And the penalty is very heavy down there. (Right.) Suffering is endless and deep, so agonizingly painful. (Understand, Master.)

The COVID patients, when they die, they have paid their debt, to some degree. (OK, yes.) Also, in such an agonizing situation, they always pray, even though they never prayed before. They would call on God and Heaven to forgive them, and they truly repent. Then they can go to Heaven. Most of them do. (Yes.) If they die in that situation, in that kind of condition, in that kind of mental state of mind. (Yes, Master.)

And those entities who have sold their souls to the devil, cannot be changed. Those who are ignorant and committed sin, they can be changed. (I see.) Similar to… I have some so-called initiates; they came in not for God. They came in with sometimes very sinister kind of purposes, like wanting to kill me. (Oh, God.) Yeah, it happened! You don’t know it. (Wow.) You just don’t know. (Unbelievable.) And so, after some time, even nearby me, or something like that, and I gave them many chances, to do things for merit and to change, but they don’t change. So, I asked Heaven what to do. They said, “Throw them out, before they kill You.”

The people who came in for so-called initiation, but they had different sinister motives. (Yes, Master.) But because, before I lectured everywhere and it’s open. (Yes, Master.) I promised anybody can come in and try, and improve their spiritual practice, and be liberated in one lifetime. (Yes.) So, at that time, many bad elements also came in. (Oh, right.) And if the people come in with already the fixed intentions, bad intentions… because if they misunderstand, then they can change. But if they sold their souls to the devil, then you cannot change them. (Ah, yes. Yes.)

That’s what makes me sad. I said, “Can we not just somehow change them?” They said, “No, those who sold their souls to the devils cannot be changed.” (Oh, wow.) Well, it’s just like in the world, in some countries; if you apply for a passport, a different passport from another country, then some countries, they don’t allow you to have your original passport again. (That’s right. That’s true. Yes.) Some countries do. (Yes.) But some don’t.

Similarly, many sinners are different from those who sold their souls. And then they’ll be forever always working under the order of the negative, to come to the planet, or any planet, to cause trouble, cause war, cause bloodshed, cause a chaotic situation in the world. And then recruiting more people who are vulnerable, to sell to them. (Oh, wow.) And then, that’s what they want. They want to expand their population. (Yes.) Their workforce, and their power. (That’s right.) So, they keep doing that.

Similar to Russia now, just has no reason at all to come in and kill people like that. (Yes.) That’s under the influence of the bad negative power, negative force. And Putin is housing it, (Yes, Master.) housing a portion of this negative power. And then so people also listen to him, because he’s supposed to be the leader, and he has been doing something so-called good for the country. (Yes, Master.)

But that is the thing, it’s just like some people who come in for initiation and try to help us do this, a little bit of this, a little bit of that. But they are not with us. (Yes.)

So Putin was so-called helping his country, but it was all ego doing. And even that is nothing to be able to make up for what he’s doing now. (Understand.) He’s killing his people, (Right. Yes.) by sending them to another country to make war for nothing. (Yes, that’s right.) From nothing, from no excuse at all. (Yes.) And then killing his country’s reputation right now, as well. (Yes, Master.)

And if the whole international community decides somehow, now or later to get involved, then Russia will be done. (Yes. That’s true. Wow.) The people will be dying. Just like what he’s doing now to Ukraine. (Wow.) Of course, no? If the war breaks out on a bigger scale, then it becomes world war, and then everybody just dies anytime, anywhere, you never know. (Yes, for sure. That’s true.) There’s no time schedule.

You see, the thing is, I was too impartial, so anyone, I welcomed. I thought they could change. Only lately, when I asked, “How come we cannot just forgive them and let them change?” They said, “No cannot. (Oh.) These people cannot be changed.” Sinners can be forgiven. But these people who already sold their souls to the evil, to the devil cannot. (Oh.) Oh, I was so sad, so sad. (Wow.) The thing is sometimes they just infiltrate into any good group. (Yes, Master.)

Just like Russia is in the UN, but they have nothing to do with UN. (Yes.) No good. No good. And then just causing bloodshed like that. And while Ukraine was a good one, trying to help NATO, help anywhere possible – and then, the one that benefited, the one they follow, turns around and betrays them. (Yes, that’s right.) This is really, really so sad. (Yes, Master. It is.)

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