Tra Maestra e discepoli

The Two Little Devils, Part 1 of 12, Jan. 10, 2022

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It was almost like getting better and now it seems like it’s getting worse. (Yes, Master.) God just gave us a little glimpse of hope. (Yes.) Like, we were happy to celebrate the UN and the world signing (IPCC report) about less meat and stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) Also carbon footprint or whatever. And now they just continue, as if nothing is serious, just the same, business as usual. Keep eating themselves to death.

(Hallo, Master.) How are you guys? (We’re good. We are good, Master.) (How is Master?) Yeah, I’m good. I just got a black belt. (Oh, wow. Wow.) Yeah. Sent to me all the way from Taiwan (Formosa). (Oh. Wow.) (Wow.) Oh, wow. (Cool.) What do you think?

I used to be with my grandma a lot. (Yes, Master.) She lived until 104. (Wow.) I will probably live that long too. (Longer!) (Oh, yes.) I said probably. Maybe, perhaps, possible. (Wonderful.) Possible. (That’d be wonderful.) Hopefully. At that time, I don’t know if I would like to read stories to you anymore. (We would like to hear stories.) (Yes.)

This is concerning the black belt. My grandma, she was always healthy though. (Wow.) Yeah, when she was about my age right now, she was still working. (Wow.) And I am the one who had to read stories to her. I was seven years old. She didn’t have any glasses. (Oh, yes.) I guess maybe she didn’t study the new Aulacese (Vietnamese) language. She studied the old Aulacese (Vietnamese) language (Yes.) before. Complicated letters, similar to Chinese or Japanese. (Yes. Yes.) We call it “chữ nho.” (Yes.) It’s old generation, so I didn’t ever ask.

But she was always healthy, and a very, very cheerful person. Except these winter pains and aches that she told me about. She never told anybody else. I guess I was the only one around. (Yes. I see.) Because she lived in a so-called apartment next to my house, a house connected to my house. (OK.) And I always went in there and ate with her. (Wow.) Very convenient, indeed. (Yes.) She cooked wonderfully. Very simple, but she cooked with those earthen pots. (Oh, yes. Wow.) Small ones, those old-fashioned stuff. And she cooked with fire. So, it smelled (Sounds nice.) completely different from the way we cook with the electric cooker right now. (Yes. Yes. Indeed.)

She was always healthy, but she had a pain, an ache in winter. I guess she did not have a thick mattress. (Oh, yes.) When I had a thick mattress before, I had less pain and aches. But never mind, I can deal with it. I keep moving, I lose everything. Except I just gained a black belt. Sent all the way from Taiwan (Formosa). Yeah, don’t be happy too soon – my doctor sent it. (Oh.) You put it around your waist to keep warm and (Ah, right.) it lessens the pain, something like that. I didn’t even have time to read his instructions. (Oh.) I guess that’s what it is. I just saw, “Put it on your waist, (Yes.) next to the skin.” And that’s all I did. I couldn’t care less what. Because I guess it’s for some pain. Never mind. (Let’s hope it helps.)

Any good news? No. Huh? You want some good news? (Yes, please.) (Yes, Master.) Yeah, yeah, yeah. You want some good news. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) It’s Tuesday. You can have pancakes. You want some? (Oh-oh-oh-oh! Yes!) (Yes, Master.) Sorry, it’s not Tuesday, (Oh.) and you won’t have any pancakes. Well, you can have if you make it yourself. I’m not there to make it for you, I’m sorry. But it’s nice, it’s raining and it’s Tuesday, you can have pancakes. Can’t have any, don’t have any. Is it raining where you are? (No, Master. Not today.) Not today? (Not today.) OK. It is the rainy season, right? (It rains every now and then.) It’s supposed to be. Never mind.

So, I think I was with my grandmother too much, that’s why I inherited her pain and aches in winter. But I think with a good mattress, it will be more comfortable. (Yes, Master.) I remember when I had a good mattress before, I didn’t have so much pain, because it was not too cold. You guys have any good mattresses? (We are good, Master. Thank You.) You can order. (OK, Master. Thank You, Master.) Any pain and aches yet? (No, Master.) (We’re good, thank You, Master.) Wow! I envy you, man. Never mind, it’s good.

So, it’s not the black belt that you wow about. OK? It is “whoa,” not “wow.” Whoa. (Whoa, whoa, whoa.) All together, “Aaahhh.” (Aahh.) Just some little pain, and stuff. (OK. Master, please take care.) How? (With a black belt.) The most difficult part in my life is taking care of myself. (Yes.) I truly don’t know how. I forgot medicine. (Oh.) I put it right in front of my nose, I still forgot. I put it everywhere, a little bit here, a little bit there, so I don’t forget. And then sometimes I don’t know whether I took it already or not, because I put it in too many places. (Oh, right.) Ah, never mind. Life is not always about this kind of discipline. Let it be. (Master’s so busy.) It took me six, seven months until I came around to ask for some treatment, and the doctor went overboard. He gave me so many things. (Wow.) I took only half of what I wanted to take. The rest I still kept there, and the belt.

Black belt feels cool. Like you’re tough or something (Yes.) Because the word “black belt” is associated with some tough guys. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Taekwondo or Karate. (Yes.) Black belt is supposed to be good, so I just wear it for some psychological effect. It might not help much with the pain. But I don’t really like to wear anything so tight like this. That’s why I don’t like to dress up and makeup and all that anymore. Truly, I can retire now. I’m 70 already. Yeah? (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Seventy, a little plus or not? I don’t care; who cares. I think I’ve done making up, dressing up all my life already for everybody. (Yes. Yes, You have, Master. Right, Master.) I think it’s time to stop, and if they don’t like it, they don’t have to like it. If they like it, they like it. If they don’t like it, then they (Don’t like it.) don’t like it. Why, you know everything.

You want any good news? (Yes. Yes, Master.) (Yes, please.) You have some good news? You tell me later? (Yes, Master.) I don’t have much.

Oh man, the world is in big trouble. Even bird flu, they say it jumps onto humans now, already. (Yes.) (Oh, wow!) Yeah. Normally they did not transmit to the humans. (Oh.) That’s what they said the first time. (Yes.) Now it jumps on to humans already. (Oh. Wow.)

And, new cases in France, they call it the IHU variant. (Yes.) You know right. And “flurona”, having flu and Covid together. (Yes.) (Wow.) As if the one is not bad enough. (Yes, exactly.) (Wow.) (Gosh.) OK and now they have a new COVID strain just discovered. (Oh. Wow.) See that? (Oh, my goodness.) (Wow.)

And even the squirrel-people, normally, they are very, very placid, peaceful. (Yes.) There’s one guy, who bit about 18 people in the United States. (Oh, my God. Wow.) A gray squirrel-person. I don’t know what he eats to make him crazy like that. (Oh, wow.) All this garbage that they put outside maybe he ate or (Yes.) these herbicides. (Ah, right. Yes, Master.) Pesticides. (Yes.) There’s one type of herbicide or pesticide that the government did not approve yet, the health organization did not approve yet. But they use it all over the world. (Oh.) (Wow.) I worry what that is. (Oh.) And so many other things.

And another earthquake somewhere. And then, volcano, another one, and many other things. (Yes.) And some protests broke out somewhere in Kazakhstan and it became violent. More than 100 people died. (Oh.)

My gosh, what happened to our world? I think it’s incredible. It was almost like getting better and now it seems like it’s getting worse. (Yes, Master.) God just gave us a little glimpse of hope. (Yes.) Like, we were happy to celebrate the UN and the world signing (IPCC report) about less meat and stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) Also carbon footprint or whatever. And now they just continue, as if nothing is serious, just the same, business as usual. Keep eating themselves to death. Truly like that (Yes, Master.) Eating themselves to death. Making themselves a graveyard of rotten corpses inside, (Oh. That’s right.) (Yes, Master.) just like a coffin. (Yes, Master.) But a coffin contains only one corpse. (Yes. Right.) The body of humans contains so many, so many corpses. (Wow.) All rotten. (Yes. It’s true. Terrible.)

I don’t have any good news for you. Sorry about that. Except my black belt made you laugh, and it’s good already. That’s all you deserve. (Thank You, Master.) Oh God, my God, we work so hard. So, I thought I would read you a story, unless you have any questions first? (Well, there is one thing. I’d like to share some news seen recently.) Tell me.

(Just a few days ago, Pope Francis criticized couples who choose pet-people over babies,) Again. (yes, saying, “It’s selfish.”) Yes. (What does Master think about that?)

I don’t want to think anything at all about this guy anymore. He just “blah, blah.” You know, just now and then says something trendy, (Yes, Master.) fashionable. What does he care about babies, selfish or not? For him, even killing babies in the womb or alive outside of the womb is OK with him. So, what does he know about selfish or not selfish? (Yes.)

These people, they just choose pet-people, instead of killing babies. Which one is better anyway? (Right. Yes.) If they don’t want babies, then they don’t want. At least they take precautions, anti-baby pills or something, so they don’t have to kill their baby. (Yes.) And they just want to have pet-persons. It’s OK with them.

But these other people, they just kill babies outright, and he didn’t say much, (Yes, Master.) only one or two words. And then welcomes all the babies’ murderers into the Vatican. (Right.) And kowtows to them or flirting eyes with them, winking or blinking, whatever, with them. (Yes, Master.) So it’s all hypocrisy. (Yes, Master.) It’s just boring. A boring idiot and evil. (Yes, Master.) If that’s what you want to know, my opinion.

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