Tra Maestra e discepoli

Lord Jesus Christ's Glorious Sacrifice for Humankind, Part 1 of 6, Dec 24 & 25, 2021

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They cannot understand that there is something else within that frame of a human body of a Master. Inside there is something precious, something powerful, something that can lift them up to the sky, beyond the Sun, beyond all the galaxies. To bring them forever happiness, bliss and peace. That is difficult. That’s why Jesus had to be nailed on the cross.

(Hallo, Master! How are you, Master?) Hallo, hallo. Nice to hear that you are happy. It sounds happy. (Yes, we are, Master.) Something going on? (You have spoilt us, Master.) Behind my back. Oh, well. We try to be as happy as possible. (Yes, Master. We are.) Oh, good, good. (Master, we have a message for You.) Yeah? (Merry Christmas, Master, and a Happy Vegan New Year!)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all who can enjoy and also to the patients in the hospitals, to the immigrant people who have not yet settled down anywhere or who are stranded somewhere, and to all the animal-people, to all beings in the sea, in the air and stationed in the ground, (Yes.) trees, plants, flowers.

We also wish all the doctors and nurses and hospital personnel, and all fields of essential workers, a better year ahead and some rest, some break, some relaxing time. May God bless all the good working people and may God bless our planet for a better future. And bless all humans to be awakened, to turn to a more benevolent way of life, such as a vegan diet. Thank You, God and all the angels, who help us in any way.

I wish all of you, and, of course, your brothers and sisters, all the initiates in the Quan Yin Method and other religious or meditation practitioners, all good people, all of you, try to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in a world that we can hardly find much happiness anymore.

Try to remember God and ask for blessing, for protection, and for happiness, contentment as much as possible. We can continue to pray for all of us on Earth as well as on other planets in the Universe. May God enlighten us, protect us and forgive us all. I’m sorry I cannot be with you guys. But my heart is with you. (Yes, Master. And we feel it.)

I thank you all for a hardworking year and for enduring all the challenges when we’re doing the work for Supreme Master Television, for the sake of the planet and all beings on it, as well as for Heavens and hell. Our job is not easy. Even though it looks like that. My job is also not easy, even though it looks like that. We make it look easy. But it’s not easy. I make it also look easy. Even when I talk to you, through the phone, on some very challenging topics or some unpleasant or painful subjects, I still make it look easy, but it’s not. So, even if we go through hardships and trials, we must continue for now. (Yes, Master. Yes.) I hope you’re still willing. (Yes, we are, Master.)

For the moment, our world is not having any more hope than before. In fact, it’s less hope than before. But who knows? Who knows? Maybe people’s hearts will change and then God will be lenient, Heavens will be merciful, and hell will shut down again instead of the world shutting down. (Yes.) The happiness and peace, and contentment actually are in the hands of all humanity, more than in the hands of other species. Humans have more power, more privilege and more chance to make this world a paradise.

Just that at the moment, a lot still choose not to use it, not to use this choice, not to exercise their mighty power which has been endowed to them, and bestowed on them before they’re born, before they even existed. Just most people have forgotten that power or use it blindly for some selfish and destructive purposes. And don’t even remember their origin with all glory and might and bliss and happiness and blessing, forever. Never mind, one day they will, one day they will remember. One day they just have to. Either they’ll have enough with trouble and suffering in this world, or they’ll have enough with hellfire and punishment. One day, they will all wake up.

It’s just sometimes, it taxes our patience because we feel like we are working pretty hard, but we don’t see much of the result. It is good so. It’s good so also. Even though it’s sad, but it’s good so also. Our ego will not flare up, and we’ll concentrate more on the inside prayer and silent sacrifice, so that others will benefit.

It’s a happy night, Christmas Eve. But I tried so hard, I don’t feel happy. I’m sorry. I don’t want to ruin your mood. You just enjoy anyway. Whatever’s arranged for you, it’s all with my love. (Thank You, Master.) And I hope you enjoy whatever you have there. I mean, simple vegan cakes, candies, chocolates. It’s not a lot, but some people don’t have any of that. (Yes, Master. Thank You so much.)

We are thanking God and we are grateful for our luck and fortune. And grateful for our noble mission. Not many people can do what we are doing. Not many people who have talent, and can use it for the world’s benefit. For the big, huge, great benefit, like what you Supreme Master Television team, inhouse or remote, do. Also some indirect helpers and workers for Supreme Master Television. Actually, we are not working for Supreme Master Television, it’s for the world at large. (Yes, Master.) And always hoping, praying, that it really benefits a lot of people. The more, the better. (Yes, Master.)

Maybe we will never know, but it’s all right so. We do what we can, without wanting any reward or even any satisfaction from the work that we offer – free of any condition, of any demand, any strings attached. So, it is good. I’m proud of all of you, very proud. All of you, boys and girls. I mean, men and women, you’re big now. I always say to the girls, I say “the boys.” When I say to you about the women, I say, “the girls.” (Yes.) “The girls this and that.” Or, “the boys this and that.”

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, we are not boys, we are not girls. We are not anything, except the Divine wisdom and love which is inherent within all of us, as well as within all humanity. It’s just a pity that a lot forgot where they came from and how glorious they are, and how powerful they can be. If they but just remember it. No matter how many Masters come and try to tell them to remember their best, the humans are still so in slumber. Many are still in slumber. This is a time for great change, and they should take this opportunity to leap, to leapfrog into a new dimension, new consciousness, new level of spiritual elevation.

But it’s a pity. Not everybody feels ready for that, or not everybody wants to believe that. It seems for them too good to be true, because they’ve been struggling since the day they were born, until now. To be born is also a painful experience; and then to be babies, to be toddlers, to be teen, and teenagers, and then grown-ups, and all this comes with some joy, but also much hardship and sorrow.

Thus, they are not accustomed to think that there is something better than this physical temporary existence. So even the Masters come and tell them, they would not want to listen. Because all the Masters look the same as every one of them. They cannot believe that such an ordinary looking person can be of any service to them. Can be of better service than what they know already. Like working 9 to 5, earning some money or a lot of money in business.

They cannot understand that there is something else within that frame of a human body of a Master. Inside there is something precious, something powerful, something that can lift them up to the sky, beyond the Sun, beyond all the galaxies. To bring them forever happiness, bliss and peace. That is difficult. That’s why Jesus had to be nailed on the cross. So painful, humiliated. Because humans did not change at that time, and did not listen to His holy teaching. Just a very small group of people that followed Lord Jesus, wasting His energy and power. And even then, the Lord was willing to sacrifice in order to save the souls of His disciples, as well as those He knew or believed in Him at that time.

Because of that, He had to sacrifice His physical body in a painful and humiliating death. And even then, nowadays, His so-called top representative used that to humiliate Him. How dare anybody still do that? Not only he doesn’t respect and doesn’t feel grateful for the Lord’s sacrifice to uplift humankind. Even though not all of them went to Heaven, but humanity has been uplifted to some degree by the presence of Lord Jesus, or any other Master. It depends, more or less depends on the level of enlightenment of that Master or this Master, as well as the powers that He carries. Also, it depends on how long He survives on this gruesome planet. But all the Masters contribute to the upliftment of humankind and all beings on this planet. Not to talk about on other planets in the universe. More or less, depends on the grace and the might of the Master.

You see how humankind is so ungrateful. But only an entity who is not human could say such things, like Francis. Only the devils could utter such things. No one would ever dare to do that. No one would ever want to do that, no one would ever have the heart to do that to such a great being like Lord Jesus. Such an ultimate sacrifice on Earth.

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