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Michele Fasnacht (vegan) – Inspirational Leader of Education and Social Activism, Part 1 of 4



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In today's program, we share the fascinating story of Michele Fasnacht, an educational pioneer and social activism leader in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA. Guided by a strong ethical stance for education, animals and the environment, Michele’s professional journey of positive leadership and change in the community, combined with her personal journey from sickness to health through the vegan diet, will leave you inspired and amazed by what just one person can achieve.

“Well, honestly, I'm personally motivated by my own children when the school started. And it was the desire for them to have an education that respected them as individuals and focused on their personal strengths. And it included things that weren't necessarily part of traditional education.”

In addition to their special curriculum and pedagogical approach, Solid Rock Community School is one of a small handful of schools worldwide that offers Kindergarten through Year 12 with the compassionate and fully vegan lifestyle at the core of everything they do. From school meals, to gardening, environmental and animal welfare programs, Solid Rock brings a balanced and true education and lifestyle to our precious next generation of adults.

“If you're somebody who's looking for a school that focuses on compassion, and plant-based health or health and fitness, or going green, we are a school that's like no other.”

As a 30-year-long vegetarian, she couldn’t believe that the dairy industry was just as cruel as the meat industry and immediately eschewed all animal products to become 100% vegan. This was in 2015, and what happened thereafter seemed like a miracle – her condition began to reverse, her eyesight returned and she became fully mobile again. To this day, she leads a happy, healthy, and pain-free life.

With her amazing recovery and this newfound knowledge, Michele was determined to alter the orbit of Solid Rock and its precious students and staff. Fourteen years after the school was opened, with the educational and resource guidance of Dr. T. Colin Campbell and son Nelson and the PlantPure Community, and against all odds and resistance, Michele and her team led Solid Rock through a two-year transition to become fully plant-based in 2020.

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