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Innovative Ideas for Living More Sustainably, Part 3 of 3



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On today’s episode, we look at another important change we can make: living more simply. Our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai provides an excellent role model of simple living. She has lived in tiny houses, storage sheds, mobile homes, and even caves, always with minimal possessions. Master explains why She lives this way. “The fewer things I have, the happier I feel. I feel freer. Less crumple, less burden, and fewer things to worry about. Just the necessities, bare necessities only. Then I feel like I’m in control of my world.”

Livia Firth, founder and creative director of the consulting agency “Eco-Age,” suggests we follow the “30 wears rule.” Before buying any item, ask yourself, “Will I wear it at least 30 times?” Another consideration when buying clothing is the material. For more sustainable clothing, look for items made from natural, plant-based fibers such as linen, cotton, or hemp. To further reduce our impact on Earth’s resources, we can purchase second-hand clothing instead of always buying new items. Another significant way to save both money and resources is to repair garments instead of discarding them.

Our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai often reminds us about the environmental impact of our actions. To live more sustainably, Master urges everyone to quickly adopt the vegan lifestyle. She also frequently shares other tips on sustainable living. “Only the vegan lifestyle is truly sustainable. Now, once we become vegan and urge others to join, we could practice sustainability in other ways. We could plant organic vegetables and trees. Better still are those fruit trees and nut trees and those vegetables or legumes like beans that need little water.”

“Another good way to quicken our movement to a sustainable planet is to generate more positive energy: do good deeds and be loving and kind. Expand our loving quality. This is what will create a shield, invincible, to protect us and the planet. Finally, we can pray that divine power manifests on Earth to awaken leaders, the media, the influential people, and all the world citizens to take the right steps to preserve our planet, and fast – fast before it’s too late.”

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